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1 Improvized Sopranos Scene Makes Tony So Much Scarier

Tony Soprano is one of the scariest characters in TV history, but James Gandolfini's improvisation in season 3 makes him even scarier...

Tony Soprano is one of TV’s most terrifying characters, but one improvised The Sopranos scene makes him so much scarier. Tony Soprano does a lot of horrible things throughout the series, with viewers of The Sopranos constantly being pulled back and forth between caring about Tony and abhorring him. One of the best encapsulations of the complexity of Tony was captured in a completely improvised scene, making The Sopranos‘ main character even deeper.

The Sopranos follows Tony Soprano, a mob boss who is torn between dealing with his crime family and dealing with his real family. James Gandolfini plays Tony Soprano throughout the show’s six seasons, with the role being widely considered one of the best TV performances of all time. Tony bounces back and forth between empathetic and absolutely monstrous, and the transformation is believable all the way through. This is mostly due to The Sopranos‘ writing, but Gandolfini’s improvisations highlight this juxtaposition even more.

Tony Kissing Artie Wasn’t In The Sopranos’ Script

Artie confronts Tony after he burned down Vesuvio

The Sopranos season 3, episode 5, “Another Toothpick” isn’t a particularly memorable episode, with it releasing mid-season and being a smaller-scale character study. However, the episode features one of the most brilliant moments of James Gandolfini’s improvisation on The Sopranos. In the episode, restaurant owner Artie is cracking jokes about Christopher due to his girlfriend quitting her job at Artie’s restaurant. The jokes get more and more heated, causing Tony to step in. Tony slaps Artie and pins him up against the wall, only for his demeanor to completely change when he begins laughing and kisses Artie’s forehead.

As it turns out, Tony kissing Artie wasn’t in the script at all. While the exchange leading up to it was planned, James Gandolfini decided to kiss Artie in the moment. This kiss is one of the most memorable moments from The Sopranos season 3, episode 5, as it perfectly highlights what makes Tony Soprano so scary.

Tony Soprano’s Unpredictability Is What Made Him So Scary

Tony Soprano smiling in The Sopranos

Tony kissing Artie proves just how unpredictable The Sopranos‘ main character is, which is what makes him so scary. Tony goes from an intense, rage-filled monster to a jovial friend in only a matter of seconds. This highlights that Tony Soprano will flip on a dime, almost randomly flying into rages or making light out of serious situations.

This improvised scene also shows the scary way that Tony treats his friends. Tony may look as if he’s best friends with Artie, but just a second ago he was prepared to kill him. Tony Soprano betrays a lot of people throughout The Sopranos, and the improvised kiss scene makes these betrayals even more relatable. Tony Soprano is a truly horrifying character, and James Gandolfini’s improvised kiss in The Sopranos shows just how well the actor knew Tony.

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