10 Funniest Letterboxd Reviews Of Downton Abbey: A New Era

As fans welcome Downton Abbey: A New Era, they don't waste time sharing their hilarious reviews of the Crawley family's latest exploits on Letterboxd.

There’s no stopping the Crawleys, as the latest Downton Abbey movie, Downton Abbey: A New Era, hit UK theatres this April, and is set for US release on May 18. The new adventure takes place in a Spanish villa, where the family spends their vacation. Of course, with a new era comes several reactions, and they haven’t been boring.

Fans of the Crawley family and even viewers who have never seen the series have enjoyed the new movie. They didn’t waste time taking to Letterboxd to share their humorous thoughts on the latest release. Even Violet would have a giggle.

Watching The Movie With Queen Elizabeth II?

One Letterboxd user had a unique watching experience involving the new Downton Abbey movie. No, Queen Elizabeth II wasn’t at a movie theater, but a cardboard cutout version of her was.

Because of that, the user stated: “Everyone should get to experience Downton Abbey: A New Era just like I did; on the big screen with a cardboard cutout of Queen Elizabeth II staring at you from the front corner of the auditorium”. While the crossover between Downton Abbey and The Crown doesn’t happen, this is probably the closest thing, and it sounds quite entertaining.

The Fast And Furious Of Period Dramas

Who said Downton Abbey shared no similarities with the Fast & Furious franchise? While their cars might be different, the fact that the series keeps making new films rings a bell to another productive title in the industry.

Based on that, Letterboxd user mirandahobbes hopes that the British series becomes “the Fast & Furious of period dramas” since they don’t want to say “goodbye to this family.” With creator Julian Fellowes teasing the possibility of a third project, A New Era doesn’t seem to be the end.

Fans Of Hugh Dancy Rejoice

2022 has been an enjoyable year for Hugh Dancy fans. The actor has featured in an episode of AppleTV+’s Roar and in A New Era, he plays Jack Barber, a charming new character.

Letterboxd user entraptaz shares that they “can’t believe” Dancy will make them watch a Downton Abbey movie. While the period franchise isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, Dancy certainly is for this user.

Batman Or Doctor Strange? Molesley!

While there are some unpopular opinions about the downstairs staff in Downton Abbey, viewers can agree that the role of Joseph Molesley got better as the seasons progressed. When it came to the big screen, the shy servant had settled into his place of comic relief, making him essential to the shenanigans in A New Era.

Letterboxd user annasophie doesn’t need Bruce Wayne or Stephen Strange when they have Molesley. The user states that they don’t care about the MCU nor the DCEU, and Downton Abbey is “the only franchise” they don’t want to end. Molesley would likely appreciate the review if only to show it to his coworkers.

Who Doesn’t Like Garlic?

Mrs. Patmore and Daisy are extremely likable, and fans celebrate the opportunity of seeing them again. As experts in cooking and likability matters, both would agree garlic is universally flavorful and would be against the peculiar taste of one character from the latest movie.

In a few words, Letterboxd user joyanna encapsulates the reaction to the scene, asking: “Who doesn’t like garlic?” That would probably be the duo’s reaction as well, given the way they pride themselves on their culinary specialties. Garlic enthusiast or not, A New Era reminds every fan that Mrs. Patmore and Daisy continue to be charismatic and funny as usual.

Dame Maggie Smith Steals The Show

Dame Maggie Smith has a flair for playing badass characters, and Violet Crawley is right on that list. In Downton Abbey II, Lady Violet continues to be an unconventional character with perfect comedy timing and even secrets about a past love affair.

Because of that, one Letterboxd user said that Smith was a badass in the film, referring to her as a “girlboss.” Even though the first Downton Abbey movie seemed to be the last of Lady Violet, the latest project shows that the Crawley “girlboss” is ready for a new adventure, and of course, audiences can celebrate seeing the talented Dame on the big screen again.

Just Like Star Wars

The Crawleys and the Skywalkers? That would be an unusual crossover that would lead to a likely exciting dinner, but that’s not happening. However, Downton Abbey and Star Wars share a few similarities when it comes to the franchises’ success.

Based on that success, Letterboxd user bpizza says that the series is their “dreamy cinematic franchise,” one that they hope it will keep reinventing itself just like Star Wars. The comparison is funny itself, and it also speaks volumes of the impact that the TV show has brought to the big screen.

Unique Watching Experience

Many Letterboxd users went to watch the new movie with their mothers, and that was the case of Letterboxd user lyndseymcj, whose mom made the watching experience on a particular screen even better.

The user recalls that when the romantic past of Lady Violet is revealed, their mother reacted to the scene by calling the character a “naughty granny,” and in consequence, the “whole screen” erupted with laughter. That reaction is likely what Fellowes wanted to cause when he wrote this new chapter, and it sounds like it was, as the user puts it, a “perfect” moment of humor during the film.

Mamma Mia And Downton Abbey?

Like the famous Mamma Mia! movies, the Downton Abbey franchise said “Here we go again!” and produced an unexpected sequel to its big-screen debut. Instead of a Greek island, however, the Crawley family goes to Spain. There are no ABBA songs in the film, but the comparison to the musical is well-founded.

Inspired by those factors, Letterboxd user okayclaire calls Downton Abbey II the “mamma mia-fication” of the British series. In the film, the family enjoys a lovely time at a Spanish villa, which evokes the idea that “Dancing Queen” might start playing at any minute — but perhaps that should be reserved for Mamma Mia! 3.

One Of Life’s Certainties

If some viewers thought a second movie was a bad idea, one Letterboxd user disagrees entirely, saying that “there are only three certainties in life: Death, taxes, and Downton Abbey.” The franchise seems to score one goal after the other, and it doesn’t disappoint fans when it comes to drama or comedy.

Whether it’s due to the fitting cast, the commitment to characters and loyal fans, marvelous scenery, or all of those elements, Downton Abbey: A New Era shows that out of the three life certainties highlighted by the user, the series remains the most appealing option.

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