10 Movie Moments That Reminded Fans Of Quentin Tarantino’s Foot Fetish

From Uma Thurman to Salma Hayek, to Margot Robbie, Quentin Tarantino has displayed his foot fetish time and time again.

Quentin Tarantino doesn’t take his foot fetish rumors seriously. In fact, in an interview with GQ, the acclaimed filmmaker said that there are a ton of great movies that have focused on feet as much as he has. “That’s just good direction. Like, before me, the person foot fetishism was defined by was Luis Buñuel, another film director. And Hitchcock was accused of it, and Sofia Coppola has been accused of it.”

But no matter what Quentin has said about these rumors, there’s no doubt that the filmmaker has featured feet in a great many of his most iconic films. Because of this, there’s just no stopping the rumors. In fact, numerous publications have gone into detail about the history of Quentin’s foot fetish. It’s become so well known that even actors who’ve worked with Quentin have feelings about it. Here are the most iconic and memorable movie moments in Quentin’s filmography that have reminded fans that he almost definitely loves to focus on the heels, big toes, and even little ones…

10 The “Wiggle Your Big Toe” Scene From Kill Bill Vol. 1

While Uma Thurman did stop working with Quentin Tarantino, it wasn’t because of his desire to constantly film her feet. To be fair, there’s a very good story reason why Uma’s Bride is trying to wiggle her big toe in the film. It’s also one of the most memorable moments in the first part of his Kill Bill story. Nevertheless, it includes one of his most iconic feet shots.

Margaret Qualley’s Feet In Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Margaret Qualley isn’t the only actor in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood who gets their feet featured. But her scene is extremely memorable. After all, she sticks her semi-dirty feet right up against Brad Pitt’s windshield while he drives her. The shot is extremely long and makes sure everyone gets a chance to see every detail of Margaret’s feet. For the record, Margaret told Jimmy Kimmel that she doesn’t understand why Quentin would want to show off her feet as she says dancing has “ruined” them.

Margot Robbie’s Feet In Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Like Margaret, Marto Robbie also has her feet shown off in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. In her scene, she takes off her shoes in a movie theater and sticks them up on top of the seat in front of her. The shot is designed in a way that, much like Margaret’s scene, Margot’s feet are more dominant than the rest of her body. While it’s cool, it’s a tad odd given that the point of the scene is to see Margot’s character react to seeing her character on the big screen.

Diane Kruger’s Casted Leg In Inglorious Basterds

There are fewer feet in Inglorious Basterds than in most of Quentin’s films but the story about Bridget von Hammersmark (Diane Kruger) breaking her leg does set up a pretty notable foot shot. That’s when she shows up at the premiere wearing a leg cast that only shoes off her perfectly painted red toenails.

The Cinderella Scene From Inglorious Basterds

While Inglorious Basterds still has less foot scenes than most of his films (aside from Django Unchained and The Hateful Eight — although they have a lot of boot shots), it is famous for one more moment. That would be when Hans Landa manages to fit a shoe on Diane Kruger’s casted foot. It’s a scene that’s filled with terror as it reveals her character as a spy. Not only is it a superb twist on the Cinderella tale, but it’s a prime Quentin Tarantino foot shot.

Squashing Elle’s Eye In Kill Bill Vol. 2

Quentin makes sure to linger on a shot where The Bride steps on Elle’s eye in Kill Bill Vol. 2. Not only does the scene show off his love of feet but also his propensity for gore.

Uma Thurman’s Entrance In Pulp Fiction

Before we actually meet Uma Thurman’s character in Pulp Fiction, we see her feet. Like her famous foot scene in Kill Bill Vol 1., there’s a great story reason as to why we see her feet enter frame first. It’s also one of the most interesting and engaging shots in Quentin’s masterpiece. But the very fact that he writes in the whole Mia Wallace foot rub backstory (the reason we see her feet first) is evidence of his thing for feet.

Abernathy’s Feet Out The Window In Death Proof

Similar to Margaret Qualley’s scene in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, this scene from Death Proof shows the character’s feet out the window. They are dominant in the frame as Kurt Russell enters and rubs his finger across the sole of them then proceeds to lick them.

Bridget Fonda’s Feet In Jackie Brown

Quentin spends an extra amount of time on Bridget Fonda’s feet when she sits down and puts them up on the coffee table next to an ice cold drink. Bridget Fonda’s character seductively wiggles each foot (which bare toe rings) and catches the attention of Robert De Niro’s character. Yes, even Quentin’s characters all seem to have a thing for a beautiful woman’s foot.

The Salma Hayek Dancing Scene From Dusk Till Dawn

Even though Quentin didn’t director From Dusk Till Dawn, he did write it. And that means he wrote the scene where Richard pours a beer down Salma Hayek’s body down to her toes and proceeds to drink up the extra liquid. This includes him spending a ton of time on Salma’s toes. Of course, the fact that Quentin himself actually played Richard just didn’t help the rumors of his excessive admiration for feet.

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