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10 Questionable Dating Choices In Breaking Bad

None of the characters featured in Breaking Bad seem to make great decisions, and that definitely carries over to their strange dating lives.

Walter White and Jesse were maestros in the lab, Skyler was good with accounts, and Hank was excellent at busting drug peddlers. However, all these characters were exposed when it came to handling their romantic partners. None appeared to have a clear manual or working formula on how to go about this thing called love.

Apart from the billionaire couple Gretchen and Elliot, no one else in Breaking Bad had a blissful relationship or marriage. There were endless fights, disappointments, and poor choices in general. And, in that way, the show reflected what normal people go through every single day in their own love lives.

Walt Broke Up With Gretchen Because Her Family Was Rich

Walt flirts with Gretchen during their days at Gray Matter in Breaking Bad

A lot of people dream of having a financially stable partner, but Walt didn’t feel comfortable enough around his, so he left her. Gretchen fell in love with Walter White when she worked as his lab assistant at Gray Matter Technologies. Flashback scenes portrayed them as the perfect couple, and the two even got engaged.

However, when she introduced Walt to her family during a Fourth of July weekend, he began feeling like he didn’t belong in her world. He not only broke up with her, but he also sold his share of the company to his partner Elliot for a mere $5,000. He’d later regret it, as Gretchen married Elliot, and Gray Matter became a billion-dollar company.

Skyler Cheated With Her Boss

Skyler sings Happy Birthday to Ted in Breaking Bad

It can be argued that Skyler shouldn’t receive flak for this because her marriage was almost dead at this point. However, she was still legally married and should have stuck to her vows.

Ted Beneke had always had a crush on Skyler. She wasn’t interested at first and even quit his company after he made a pass at her. She later decided to work for him again. Frustrated by Walt’s change of attitude, she began sleeping with Ted. Worse still, she unapologetically told Walt about the affair, thus destroying the little love they had left.

Hank Kept Scolding Marie While She Was Taking Care Of Him

Breaking Bad Marie tending to Hank after Injury

After the epic parking lot shootout scene with The Cousins, Hank became bedridden for weeks. During this period, he became frustrated because he was unable to work. Hank wasn’t the type of person to sit in one place all day, and the fact that he was forced to do that deeply bothered him.

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Hank began venting his frustration at Marie by criticizing everything she did. It’s easy to recall how his face burned with fury when she referred to his collection of minerals as rocks. Marie became so stressed by Hank’s attitude that she began shoplifting.

Jesse Opted To Break Up With Andrea Instead Of Telling Her About His Work

Jesse on a family date with Andrea and Brock in Breaking Bad

Andrea was Jesse’s best love interest. Not only did Jesse love her, but he also adored her son Brock. Jesse cared about the two enough to give them money to move to a better neighborhood.

Strangely, Jesse broke up with Andrea for the prettiest of reasons. During one cook session, Walt reminded Jesse that he’d have to tell Andrea about his work eventually. He couldn’t keep secrets forever, but, instead of telling her, Jesse opted to break things off. He’d never have a proper shot with her again, as she was murdered by Todd.

Spooge’s Wife Crushed His Head With An ATM Machine

spooge and his partner rob skinny pete on breaking bad

No matter the circumstances, violence should never be an option in relationships. As for Spooge and his wife, it always felt like they were headed for destruction. The two spent their lives doing drugs and robbing people. They even neglected their child, who became malnourished.

After they mugged Skinny Pete and stole meth from him, Jesse went to their house to get it back. Spooge asked Jesse to be patient so that he could break an ATM he had stolen and get money out of it. While attempting to drill the machine open, he insulted his wife who made the impulsive decision to drop the ATM machine on his head and kill him.

Walt Threatened Skyler

Breaking Bad's

Skyler’s first issue with Walt stemmed from the fact that he was keeping secrets from her. When she was discovered he was acting strange because he was making meth and not cheating, she was a little relieved. She even offered to help him launder money despite the fact that this made her an accomplice.

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Skyler became the perfect partner-in-crime. She made sure the A1A Car Wash ran smoothly and helped her husband handle the accounting side of his illegal business. After Gale’s death, she was concerned for his safety. Instead of playing it down, he threatened her with the infamous “I am the danger!” speech. From that point, Skyler was no longer comfortable around him.

Jane’s Obsession With Jesse’s Money

Breaking Bad Netflix and Chill Jane and Jesse Featured

Jesse and his landlord’s daughter Jane Margolis were never good for each other. They encouraged each other to do drugs, yet both of them were trying to get clean.

When Jane discovered that Walt was holding Jesse’s money, she blackmailed him into giving it. Her intentions weren’t genuine. She wanted to use the money to run away with Jesse so that she could be far from her controlling father. Sadly, the blackmail incident caused Walt to resent her, and, when he found her asphyxiating on her vomit after an overdose, he refused to save her.

Walt Fled With Baby Holly

Walt flees with Holly

After Hank got killed in the desert by Jack Welker’s gang, Walt rushed home and began packing. Skyler sensed something was wrong and questioned him until he admitted that Hank was dead. She ordered him to get out before grabbing a knife and cutting him on the hand out of frustration and fear.

In a shocking turn of events, Walt grabbed Holly and stormed out of the house with her before driving away. Viewers can’t forget how a bloodied Skyler knelt on the driveway, screaming, as Walt drove away. It was a poor decision on Walt’s part, as he was in no state to take care of the baby. Holly didn’t seem to like him either as she uttered the word “Mama” while with him.

Gus Brought Max Into The Drug Trade After Educating Him

Gus Fring and Max in Breaking Bad

This was a matter of speculation for a while. Eventually, Hector Salamanca and series creator Vince Gilligan confirmed that Gus Fring and Max were indeed lovers.

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Gus plucked Max from the streets of Santiago in Chile and gave him a proper education. After a few years, Max graduated with advanced degrees in chemical engineering and biochemistry. Logically, Gus should have kept him away from the drug trade to protect him, but he made him his partner. Max was tragically shot by Hector during a meeting with Don Eladio.

Walt Tried To Kiss The Assistant Principal

Walter tries to kiss Carmena

After learning about Skyler’s affair, Walt tried to confront Ted at his office, but he was thrown out. Walt went back to school, where he made a strange speech in front of students.

Assistant principal Carmena Molina then summoned him into his office. Somehow, Walt thought that she was attracted to him. He tried to kiss her, but she backed away and shouted at him in anger. It was clear that Walt was eager to get revenge on Skyler for cheating on him, but behaving inappropriately towards his superior was unintelligent.

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