Ahsoka Star Rosario Dawson Jokes About Mando Thirst Trapping

Ahsoka star Rosario Dawson thinks that of all Star Wars characters, The Mandalorian's Din Djarin would be most likely to thirst trap on Instagram.

Ahsoka series star Rosario Dawson jokes about The Mandalorian’s Din Djarin thirst trapping. Dawson made her debut as the beloved Togruta Jedi padawan in The Mandalorian season 2, leading Din (Pedro Pascal) and Grogu on their path towards Tython and hinting at the plot of her own series by demanding to know where Grand Admiral Thrawn is. She went on to appear again in The Book of Boba Fett episode 6 as her story continues to interweave with Din’s inside the greater The Mandalorian universe.

Despite the seriousness both Ahsoka and Mando display onscreen, Dawson and Pascal have no problem creating their own fun on- and off-set. A recent behind-the-scenes clip from a Vanity Fair cover shoot even shows the two Star Wars show actors dancing and laughing together while in full costume, along with Ewan McGregor of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Diego Luna of Andor. It’s no secret both actors have learned how to balance their sense of fun and severity during their leading Star Wars roles.

Now, Dawson continues the trend by joking about Mando thirst trapping. In an interview with Dish Nation, the Ahsoka lead and her co-star Natasha Liu Bordizzo were asked which Star Wars character would post the most thirst traps on Instagram. It doesn’t take long for Dawson to answer with a decisive “Mando,” and thankfully, she provides a detailed explanation. The armored warrior is “constantly with the posing,” especially with “the hip jutted out.” Read Dawson’s full response below:

I don’t know, I’m just going straight Mando. I just feel like he’s constantly with the posing. I mean, when he stands there, and he’s got the hip jutted out, like… I just feel like that any screenshot you get from the show, you’re like, ‘What were you thinking about?’

Many viewers would be very likely to agree with Dawson’s lighthearted response, even Pascal himself. The Mandalorian actor retweeted a post calling him out for doing what his fans have deemed “The Stance,” which is the jutted-out hip pose Dawson describes and is something that Pascal often does in all his roles. In a recent interview, he even agreed that he thinks he looks his best in Din Djarin’s full Mandalorian armor, including the helmet. Evidently, that’s something Dawson has picked up on.

The actors clearly have just as much fun thinking about these things as any Star Wars viewer would, which only makes their upcoming journeys even more engaging. With both Ahsoka and The Mandalorian season 3 arriving in 2023, viewers have much to look forward to from both Dawson and Pascal. There’s no official confirmation of whether Ahsoka and Mando will be appearing in each other’s stories again, but with Jon Favreau recently discussing the interweaving of Star Wars storylines, it’s never out of the picture for either of them. The actors would clearly have even more fun with future collaborations, and even if she doesn’t appear in it, audiences can expect to get Dawson’s thoughts on The Mandalorian season 3 when it premieres next February.

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