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Better Call Saul: 10 Most Surprising Breaking Bad Appearances

Breaking Bad might be finished, but that does not mean certain characters cannot make surprising appearances in its prequel, Better Call Saul.

Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad both have their own original and compelling characters that drive the series forward. However, they each also share a number of characters which continues to show how connected these stories really are.

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There’s been a number of times in Better Call Saul where Breaking Bad characters have appeared much to the surprise of viewers. Whether it seemed unlikely they would show up or their appearance came from out of nowhere, here are 10 of the most shocking Breaking Bad cameos in Better Call Saul.


Krazy 8 wasn’t featured too heavily in Breaking Bad. He was a small part of a much larger machine and certainly wasn’t the most powerful crime boss in the area. In fact, he met his demise by getting strangled by Walter and dissolved in a bath.

tTo the surprise of many fans, Better Call Saul brought the character back and even managed to flesh Krazy 8 out further. His days as part of the drug trade are being explored a little more and he is actually the right-hand man to Nacho. It’s a really cool link back to the original series.


Tuco Salamanca also appeared from almost out of nowhere in the first season of Better Call Saul. Fans knew that he had been a little unstable in the past, but most weren’t ready for the incredibly unhinged performance that was put to screen by the cast and crew.

Since Tuco’s appearance is supposed to surprise and shock us, this cameo did a great job of tying up the world a little closer, although it’s a shame that he has been written out of the show once again. Hopefully, Tuco makes a comeback soon.


Gus Fring is a terrifying villain and the leader of one of the most dangerous drug cartels in either of these two shows. Bringing him back seemed like a pipe dream since the character was written so perfectly throughout Breaking Bad. 

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However, the writers managed to do the impossible and add more layers to Gus without taking away any of his fear factor. He’s now one of the most important components of Better Call Saul, which is crazy since he was originally introduced just as a throwback to Breaking Bad


Gale’s appearance in Better Call Saul was very much just a cameo, as it was primarily done to demonstrate that Gus was thinking ahead to how his production line would function. Gale’s appearance was actually a great piece of storytelling continuity that also gave fans some fun moments.

Gale was, of course, one of Breaking Bad‘s characters with the most unfortunate endings, after getting shot in the head by Jesse. The show almost throws back to this as it has Gale opening the door in the same manner as when he met his maker.


Since drug-related crimes are increasing in Albuquerque, it is hardly a surprise that the DEA is on the case. Luckily, one of the unit’s best, Hank Schrader, returns to our screens in order to stop the criminal activity taking place.

Hanks is a true fan-favorite and had one of the most heroic deaths of Breaking Bad. As viewers have already gone on a full journey with the character, it’s really great to see Hank in his heyday. His appearance was a big surprise for anyone who didn’t have it spoiled in Better Call Saul‘s trailer.


If Hank is being added back into this universe then why shouldn’t Gomez as well? His right-hand man met the very same fate and has been a part of his journey since day one. Gomez was the comic relief of the two and a really underrated character.

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It’s fantastic that the writers felt like it was only right to bring back Gomez alongside Hank. This was never a certainty so it was all the more surprising to see the duo back together, doing exactly what they should be doing.


Lydia was one of the most manipulative characters on Breaking Bad. When she appeared on Better Call Saul, therefore, it had to be assumed that the shrewd businesswoman would be up to something once again.

Lydia’s appearances in the prequel demonstrated that she was always out to make money through any means that she could and that she was truly intelligent and a good tactical planner. Her relationship with Mike is also interesting and her return definitely bettered the show.


Ed Galbraith was an extremely surprising cameo for Better Call Saul‘s Season 5, as the actor behind the role, Robert Forster, had unfortunately passed away. This was an incredibly secretive cameo and one can imagine that he shot it during filming for the Breaking Bad movie.

It’s a great nod to how Saul ended up in the position he is in, trying to hide from the outside world after his criminal life has started catching up to him. It has to be said that this might have been the most surprising cameo of the whole show.


Huell Babineaux Better Call Saul

Huell is a beloved character full of charm and charisma. Saul’s bodyguard is a crucial part of the story and so it was only right that he made a comeback in Breaking Bad‘s prequel.

In many ways, Huell served as the catalyst to turn Saul towards crime. It is Huell’s charges that prompts Saul to take a different approach, one that actually pays off.


The criminal underworld of Albuquerque spreads much further than just the cities and states surrounding it. It goes all the way to South America, where those in charge are plotting to take over the market.

Juan Bolsa is a crucial member of the cartels and someone that has been important to Gus Fring’s story in previous seasons. His appearance in Better Call Saul added some continuity to Breaking Bad while further exploring how all of the syndicates operate.

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