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Better Call Saul: The 5 Best & 5 Worst Revelations About Breaking Bad Shown In The Prequel

Better Call Saul revealed quite a bit about the Breaking Bad universe, and, while some revelations were amazing, others were underwhelming.

Showrunner Vince Gilligan has done a good job at making sure Better Call Saul is not a direct clone of Breaking Bad, but the two critically-acclaimed shows are very much connected. Breaking Bad revolves around the drug trade, while Better Call Saul revolves around the law profession. The latter also has several characters from Breaking Bad in their earlier years.

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Better Call Saul which has just concluded its fifth season, has answered many questions that fans of Breaking Bad had concerning various characters and plot angles, and there is still more to come. Here are the best and worst revelations about the Breaking Bad world from Better Call Saul.

Best: Hector Salamanca’s Bell

Mark Margolis as Hector Salamanca in Breaking Bad

Hector was introduced in Breaking Bad as Tuco’s uncle and a former drug kingpin who moved around in a wheelchair and couldn’t speak. He was also Gus Fring’s biggest enemy because he had shot Fring’s partner back when he could walk and talk.

But how exactly did he end up in his state? As per Better Call Saul, Hector’s henchman Nacho tried to kill him by switching his medication with Ibuprofen. This caused Hector to have a heart attack. Gus paid for his treatment because he didn’t want him to have an easy death but decided to stop so that Hector would remain wheelchair-bound and mute. When the ailing Hector was taken to a nursing home, he was given a bell that he could communicate with.

Worst: Why Mike Cares For Kaylee So Much

In Breaking Bad, Mike Ehrmantraut was the loyal henchman to Gus Fring. He was an ex-cop who was extremely good at his new job in the criminal world. He was also deeply affectionate towards his granddaughter, Kaylee, but this wasn’t just because he had a good heart.

Better Call Saul revealed that Mike cared about Kaylee so much because he felt guilty for pushing her father into being a dirty cop, a decision that got him killed. This made Mike feel guilty and as a result, he vowed to always look after Kaylee and her mother.

Best: How Jimmy Got The Name Saul Goodman

Better Call saul Season 3 Jimmy Tequila

Jimmy McGill goes by the name Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad, and many might have wondered how he got that name. Well, according to the prequel, its a pun on the statement “It’s all good, man!” Jimmy first mentions this to a friend before mentioning it to Kim when he’s showing her the commercial.

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It’s a pretty cool name, and the creativity behind it is what makes it even more awesome. We bet “Better Call Jimmy McGill” wouldn’t have sounded as nice. Jimmy began using the name to run his new business of shooting commercials after he had been briefly suspended from practicing law.

Worst: Chuck Ruined Jimmy’s Chances Of Becoming A “Clean” Lawyer

Jimmy, aka Saul, is already a dirty lawyer by the time the events of Breaking Bad, but it wasn’t always like that. The prequel show revealed that he was a very hardworking man who rose from being a felon to a parcel delivery man at the HHM law firm before eventually becoming a lawyer who rode around in a Suzuki Esteem.

Jimmy tried his best to make it in the profession, but his brother Chuck—who was a more influential attorney—constantly sabotaged him. Chuck was jealous of Jimmy’s popularity. He also felt that his devious brother didn’t deserve to be in the serious Law profession. He preferred to see him as the loser he had always known him to be. After trying so hard and failing, due to the numerous setbacks instigated by his brother, Jimmy broke bad.

Best: How Gus And Mike Began Working Together

Gus and Mike in Better Call Saul

The working relationship between the two was formed out of mutual respect. Gus Fring found out about Mike when he was trying to kill Hector for threatening his family. Gus requested him not to, as he still had business with him. Mike agreed and later asked Gus to launder money for him so that his family would get it in case s0mething happened to him.

Gus agreed and linked Mike with Lydia, who took the money and gave him an employment contract so that she’d be paying out the money to him as a salary. Mike ended up trusting Gus even more and thus began working for him as Head Of Security.

Worst: No-Doze Should Have Known Better

No Doze Gonzo and Jimmy in Better Call Saul

Tuco Salamanca has always been a hothead and drug addict, but such characters can still be tamed if you know what to say—or know better than to say anything. Walt figured this out pretty quickly. Sadly, one of Tuco’s henchmen refused to learn, and he earned the consequences.

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In Better Call Saul’s second episode, Tuco’s henchmen, Gonzo and No-Doze, appear once again. No-Doze speaks ahead of his boss once again, and he’s lucky to just get a dressing-down. However, years later in Breaking Bad, he wasn’t so lucky. When he tells Walt and Jesse to remember who they are working for, Tuco gets angry beats him to death. No pity for the man. He had plenty of time to change.

Best: Jimmy Has Always Been A Charmer

Jimmy ends up being a popular lawyer with criminals because his “people skills” are too good. He knows how to talk his way into people’s hearts—except his brother—and to talk himself out of any trouble, but this just didn’t happen when he changed to Saul.

From the first season of Better Call Saul, Jimmy’s charming skills are evident. He becomes really popular with elderly citizens after teaching them how to secure insurance and write proper wills. He also becomes friends quite quickly with Mike and Nacho.

Worst: Jimmy Was Once In Love

Jimmy Kim and Huell Better Call Saul

Jimmy is single in Breaking Bad, but, in Better Call Saul, he is very much in love with his colleague and eventual business partner Kim Wexler. She loves him back equally, and this is seen by how she constantly sticks by his side when he messes up.

Kim is totally absent from Breaking Bad, so it is safe to assume that the relationship had a sad end. What happened? Did they break up? Was she killed? The latter is unlikely since Jimmy never appears to be a man in mourning when he’s dealing with Walt and Jesse.

Best: Jimmy Doesn’t Make Everything Up

Saul tells Walt his Kevin Costner story

In one of Breaking Bad’s funniest moments, Jimmy, going by Saul, told Walt how he once wooed a woman by lying to her that he was Kevin Costner. He was trying to convince Walt to start a laser business to launder money, but Walt felt that people wouldn’t believe that he actually owned the business.

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Jimmy disagreed, telling Walt that people can believe anything you tell them so long as you believe it, too. He thus told the Kevin Costner story, which Better Call Saul confirmed to be true. In one scene, an angry woman wakes Jimmy up after discovering he is not Kevin Costner.

Worst: Gus Had Plenty Of Chances To Finish Hector

Gus was a terrific villain who should have had a longer run in Breaking Bad, but he met the grim reaper when he made a plan with Hector to kill him using an explosive. Hector was a despicable man, and it’s sad that Gus never finished him off when he had the chance.

In Better Call Saul, Mike was willing to kill Hector, but Gus stopped him because he wanted Hector to suffer slowly. And, when Hector got a heart attack, Gus offered to pay for his therapy instead of letting him die. Years later, this would cost him dearly.

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