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Brantham move for Laurel and Hardy fan club in Tendring

A FAN club of legendary comic duo Laurel and Hardy has announced its successful move to a new venue.

Fans of the iconic Hollywood stars Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy have produced clubs worldwide, known as the Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society.

The Men o’ War Tent, a branch of the Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society, was originally based in Lawford, holding its first meeting in 1987 before meeting in several venues in Colchester and Manningtree.

It has now moved to Brantham Village Hall and after a few successful meetings to settle in, would like to welcome newcomers.

Nigel Lister, of the Men o’ War Tent, said: “The layout in the hall is ideal with its big screen over a raised stage.

“We keep mainly to 16mm film so we have the whir of the projector at the back of the room adding an authentic vintage feel. It’s a great atmosphere.”

The official Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society was founded in 1965 and is also known as the Sons of the Desert.

There are 43 clubs in the UK alone and branches are called tents; each tent is named after a Laurel and Hardy film.

The north Essex tent is named after the 1929 film Men o’ War and the Men o’ War Tent held its first meeting in January 1987.

Paul Harding, of the Men o’ War Tent planning team, added: “Our aim is to continue sharing the films of Laurel and Hardy with a wider audience.

“Their humour hits the right note for all age groups – we have members from teenagers to over 80 and plenty in between who regularly attend.

“It’s particularly rewarding for us when we can introduce a new generation of youngsters to this classic comedy and we know it is still working when we hear the spontaneous group laughter at the gags made so long ago.”

The Men o’ War Tent’s next meeting is on Saturday, June 17, in Brantham Village Hall with doors opening at 7.30pm.

Entry costs £4 for non-members and £2 for under 16s, call Paul Harding on 01255 429 887 for more details.

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