‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ Remake Brings About $20M Copyright Claim Lawsuit

It looks like there will be no breakfast after all, especially at Tiffany’s unless you want to pay a small fee of $20 million.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a classic film that most know the title of even if they haven’t seen it. And they know the beautiful film star, Audrey Hepburn. The movie is one that is sewn into culture.

However, Paramount Pictures is figuring out that they can’t rip the seams out and attempt to mend the famous cultural performance in their own format.

‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ Is Causing A $20 Million War

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a Truman Capote entity has filed an amended complaint and is seeking compensation for what they claim are damages from Paramount due to a potential screenplay of a new remake of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The aforementioned writing legend, Truman Capote, wrote the book in 1958.

His title serves as the basis of the 1961 film. Both parties are planning a reboot. Capote’s team is attempting to stop Paramount’s ability to perform their new version of the film. 

A lawsuit was brought by Truman Capote’s statutory heir, Alan Schwartz. He is the Trustee of the Truman Capote Literary Trust. Schwartz is suing Paramount Pictures over adaptation rights to the film. The fight continues to escalate with the famous studio now facing a $20 million copyright claim. This is solely based on the screenplay that executives at Paramount have internally discussed.

Beginning in the Los Angeles Superior Court, the litigation was held in order to determine if the plan to create a reboot with sequel rights has become a Capote entity. Paramount is fighting the complaint and moved it to federal court. They went back to take the dispute to the Supreme Court. Paramount hoped to determine a decision and allow negotiations between the two parties. This decision was thoroughly discussed. However, Paramount received a setback as a federal judge decided to move the case back to state court.

Paramount Pictures vs. Truman Capote Trust

Paramount has a script written for the new version of the famous film. However, Schwartz isn’t happy with the studio trying to gain money with what he believes belongs to Truman Capote’s estate. He is hoping to sell a television reboot and has already been offered a seven-figure amount of money from prospective buyers. The lawsuit will determine if Paramount or Truman Capote’s estate will receive the rights to create a new version of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Although the project has yet to be produced, Schwartz issued a new complaint because he believes Paramount has already caused $20 million in damages. Capote’s charity is now amending the complaint to recover lost profits due to infringement. Schwartz believes it to be more than $50 million.

The judge is allowing both parties to file their amended complaints.

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