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Breaking Bad: 10 Best Scenes Involving Los Pollos Hermanos

Though it seemed like a harmless fast-food restaurant, Gus Fring's Los Pollos Hermanos was at the center of some of Breaking Bad's biggest moments.

There are some locations on Breaking Bad that are instantly iconic. From the RV meth lab to the White family kitchen, it’s hard not to think of the biggest scenes that took place there. But one of the show’s most interesting settings was the fast-food restaurant Los Pollos Hermanos.

As the front for Gus Fring’s drug business, Los Pollos Hermanos always carried a sense of dread and danger. Whether a scene took place within the restaurant itself or it played a role in a scene set elsewhere, Breaking Bad fans were always on the edges of their seats whenever Los Pollos Hermanos was featured.

The Commercial

Gus Fring from Breaking Bad standing in Los Pollos Hermanos front counter, with a big smile

One of the things Breaking Bad is most known for is its memorable montages and musical sequences. Not long after Gus is introduced in the show and Walt begins working for him, there is a clever commercial for Los Pollos Hermanos that opens one of the shows.

The commercial begins detailing the backstory of the fried chicken restaurant as images of the delicious-looking chicken are shown. Gradually, the cooking of chicken is replaced with images of the crystal meth being cooked. A neat bit of editing showing the drug empire hiding in plain sight.

Gus Visits The Hospital

Gus meets with Walt in hospital in Breaking Bad

One of the most interesting things about Gus Fring as a villain is how effectively he hides his true nature. He might be the head of a massive drug operation, but he presents himself as a friendly local businessman which makes Gus Fring an easy villain to like.

He also has a certain boldness to him. After Hank is shot in an attack he set up, he comes to the hospital to pay his respects and even brings the family some chicken. This also makes for a chilling moment as Gus learns more about Walt’s family than Walt would have liked.

Hank Pieces It Together

Hank thinking and sitting in chair Breaking Bad.

When Hank is first introduced in the show, he might doesn’t seem to be much more than a tough-guy cop without much intelligence. Over time, though, he proves himself to be an incredibly smart detective.

After Hank steps away from police work after his injury, a fellow cop asks him to look over the case of Gale’s murder. While going over the evidence, Hank notices something no one else did. Despite Gale being a health-conscious vegan, he has items from a fast-food chicken place in his home. Just like that, Hank begins closing in on Gus.

Walt Tells Gus He’s Done

Gus Fring sits in restaurant booth with Walt in Breaking Bad

Los Pollos Hermanos became the unofficial meeting place for Gus and Walt to discuss business. While it is where their working relationship first began, it is also where Walt means to end it. He comes to the restaurant to tell Gus that he is walking away from cooking meth.

As always, Gus calmly takes in this news but then responds to Walt’s decision with an offer for millions of dollars for a few months of work. Just like that, Walt’s ideas of putting his criminal life behind him fade. For Walt, his priorities eventually changed from how much money his family needed to how much money he could make.

The Cousins Come By The Restaurant

Salamanca cousins Gus at Los Pollos Hermanos in Breaking Bad

There have been countless memorable villains on the show, but the Salamanca cousins are perhaps the most intimidating. These mostly silent brothers feel like unstoppable machines, and they set their sights on Walt after the death of their cousin Tuco.

When Gus tells them they are not allowed to kill Walt, they begin showing up at Los Pollos Hermanos, trying to scare Gus into giving them what they want. Since people are killed in broad daylight on Breaking Bad all the time, these scenes have an unbearable sense of suspense about them.

Truck Hijacking

Mike in the back of Los Pollos Hermanos Breaking Bad

Despite being an older gentleman, Mike Ehrmantraut proves that he knows how to handle himself. Mike is probably the smartest strategist on Breaking Bad when it comes to handling dangerous situations while keeping a cool head.

When some of the illegal supplies are being transferred in a Los Pollos Hermanos truck, Mike hides in the back of the truck in case anything happens. Sure enough, two gunmen try to hijack the shipment and shoot up the truck. Mike calmly remains low, waits for the two men to board the truck, and guns them down without breaking a sweat.

Hank Gets Gus’ Fingerprints

Hank shakes Gus Fring's hand in Los Pollos Hermanos Breaking Bad

Gus Fring always seems like a man who is in complete control of his circumstances. He is extremely careful about his business, which is why he was able to be so successful for so long. So when Hank outsmarts Gus, it makes Hank seem all the more impressive as a detective.

Once Hank gets it in his mind that Gus is the key to his “blue meth” investigation, he pays a visit to Los Pollos Hermanos. While pretending to just be a happy customer, he tricks Gus into touching his cup, thus allowing Hank to get Gus’s fingerprints.

Walt Plants A Tracker

Walt and Hank sit in car together in Breaking Bad

Even though Hank is convinced Gus is dirty, he does not have the DEA’s backing on the case. So instead of playing things by the book, Hank decides to enlist Walt’s help to keep an eye on Fring.

Hank gives Walt a tracker and asks him to plant it on Gus’s car when they visit Los Pollos Hermanos. This comes at a particularly bad time for Walt as he and Gus are in the midst of a tense disagreement and all eyes are on Walt. He goes into the restaurant and finds Gus doing his usual friendly-businessman act. Walt shows Gus the tracker and assures him he’s not going to plant it. But Gus just smiles and says “Do it” in the most unsettling way.

Schuler’s Suicide

Madrigal boss Peter Schuler tries a new recipe in Breaking Bad

Once Gus is dead, the show reveals the scale of Gus’s operation as it is also linked to the German corporation Madrigal. After Gus is dead, the DEA discovers these links, and they begin questioning one of their executives, Peter Schuler.

In an extended sequence, Schuler is shown mindlessly going through his work and seeing any associations with Los Pollos Hermanos stripped from the corporation’s headquarters. When the police come to talk to Schuler, he locks himself in the washroom and uses a heart defibrillator to take his own life.

Walt And Gus Meet

Gus Fring meets with Walter White for the first time at Los Pollos in Breaking Bad

Though they eventually become deadly enemies, the first meeting between Walt and Gus suggests these two men are very similar. After being stood up before, Walt realizes gets a second chance and makes his case for their business together.

Gus plays his innocent role very well just as Walt does. The two men share a mutual respect for their professionalism and skill. However, Gus’s concerns about Jesse and Walt assurances that he can handle his partner prove that their relationship was doomed from the start.

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