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Breaking Bad: 10 Best Things That Jesse Has Ever Done

Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman was often impulsive and aggressive, but at least he had a moral compass. Here are the best things he did.

There is not a single character in Breaking Bad who has never done anything wrong. Even the hero of the show, Hank, once beat up Jesse Pinkman’s face to a pulp. Jesse Pinkman was often impulsive and aggressive, but at least he had a moral compass. Whenever he did something horrible, he was clearly upset about it. Walt, on the other hand, didn’t seem to lose any sleep over murdering people.

Deep down, Jesse was a kind guy with a sense of what is right and what is wrong. Every once in a while, he did something great. Either he helped someone in need or he served justice where justice was bound to be served.

He Bought Back His Aunt’s Home From His Parents

jesse buys his house back from his parents breaking bad

One of the saddest things about Jesse is that he had no family. His family refused to enable his substance abuse and they even went as far as to sell his aunt’s house where he lived, making him homeless. Jesse was the only one taking care of his aunt before she died, so he deserved to stay there.

When he made some money with Walt, he decided to buy the house back for a low price with the help of Saul Goodman. When he came to collect the keys, the look on his parents’ faces were priceless.

He Called 911 In Peekaboo

Jesse leaves the child on the doorstep

In “Peekaboo,” one of the best episodes of season 2, Jesse paid a visit to two crackheads who robbed Skinny Pete. What he didn’t expect, though, is that there was a little boy in the house, clearly malnourished. Jesse’s heart was visibly breaking for the little guy.

After his mother brutally crushed Spooge’s head with an ATM machine, she passed out on the couch. Jesse told the little boy to wait in the room and reassured him that someone will come soon. “You have a good rest of your life, kid,” he said before taking off.

He Covered For His Little Brother

Breaking Bad Jake Pinkman

In “Cancer Man,” Jesse sought refuge in his parents’ house where he stayed for some time. He took some time to bond with his little brother Jake, but his mother clearly didn’t feel comfortable with Jesse being around.

When the Pinkman maid found weed in the house, his parents kicked Jesse out. It turned out that the weed didn’t belong to him but rather to his brother. Jesse kept his secret, though, since he didn’t want Jake to get in trouble and have a strained relationship with his parents.

He Helped Andrea Out Financially

Jesse, Andrea, and Brock in Breaking Bad

One of Jesse’s best personality traits is definitely his generosity. Even though he clearly wasn’t as in love with Andrea as he was with Jane, he wanted her and her son Brock to have a better life. He gave Andrea money so they could move to a safer neighborhood and expected nothing in return.

Unfortunately though, Andrea ultimately died one of the most tragic deaths in Breaking Bad, just because she knew Jesse.

He Fought Against Child Labor

Breaking Bad Combo's Death

When Jesse found out that it was Andrea’s 11-year-old brother Tomás who killed his friend Combo, he took justice into his own hands. He was the only one in the business who was clearly not okay with drug dealers forcing children to work corners for them. Gus and Walt both were more than happy to look the other way.

Jesse was hell-bent on vengeance, so he went out to murder Tomás’ two bosses. If it wasn’t for Walt interfering and running them over, Jesse would have died right then and there.

The Silver Lining Of The AA Meetings

Badger and skinny pete breaking bad

Jesse was no angel. One of the worst things he has ever done was selling highly addictive meth to recovering addicts at AA meetings. There was one good thing that came out of that, though.

He took Badger and Skinny Pete with him and his two friends soon found themselves really liking the program, wanting to stay clean for a change.

He Distanced Himself From Walt

Breaking Bad Cornered Jesse Mike

Distancing himself from Walt and teaming up with Mike was one of the best things Jesse ever did. Unfortunately, the manipulative Walter could always lure him back into siding with him, which led to all the catastrophic events of season 5.

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After the train heist, Jesse wanted out, but Walt wouldn’t hear about it. If only Jesse stayed away and actually went through with the Disappearer’s service, he would have saved himself a lot of suffering and prevented Andrea’s death.

He Took Care of Brock

Brock in Breaking Bad and Jesse in El Camino

Jesse was great with Andrea’s 6-year-old son Brock. Having each other delighted both of them: Brock had a friend who could play games with him and Jesse found belonging in their wholesome relationship. Brock’s well-being was Jesse’s number one priority. When he found out that Walt poisoned Brock, he decided to turn him in.

El Camino was filled with Breaking Bad easter eggs, one of them was a letter Jesse wrote to Brock. While the contents of the letter were never revealed, Jesse probably apologized for everything the little boy had to go through.

He Gave Away His Millions To The Poor

jesse gave money to a homeless man in breaking bad

Jesse didn’t want to spend his blood money, so he drove around poor neighborhoods and threw money out of his window.

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He first wanted the money to go to Mike’s granddaughter and to the parents of the kid that Todd shot, but after he was convinced by Saul that it was a bad idea, he resorted to becoming a sort of a Robin Hood character.

He Ratted Out Walt

Breaking Bad Jesse pouring gasoline Walter House

There’s no denying that Walt and Jesse’s friendship was incredibly toxic, and once Jesse realized the whole scope of Walt’s manipulation, he decided to work with Hank to help put him behind bars where he could no longer hurt anybody.

While betraying your partner is definitely the worst thing one could do in “the game,” Jesse really just wanted to bring all the suffering to an end. Unfortunately, it only got Hank and Gomez, the true heroes of the story, killed.

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