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Breaking Bad: 10 Best Todd Quotes

There are many reasons why Jack's nephew, Todd Alquist is one of the best secondary antagonists in Breaking Bad. One of those is his great quotes.

In Breaking Bad, Todd Alquist, the nephew of neo-Nazi gang leader Jack Welker, comes in as a late addition to the cast but still manages to impress as a secondary antagonist. Most of his arcs revolve around him working for Walt, Lydia, and his uncle. Nonetheless, following orders doesn’t prevent him from being his own man and causing havoc.

Apart from being a trigger-happy gangster, Todd gets inserted into some of the best dialogue moments on the AMC drama. His villainous actions and relationships with those close to him are mostly what influence his pronouncements. Though some of his comments are perplexing, they still leave plenty to ponder.

Explaining His Decision To Kill Drew

“At The End Of The Day, It Was Him Or Us, And I Chose Us. And I Would Do It Again.”

Todd explains his decision to shoot Drew in Breaking Bad

Jesse refuses to move on after Todd shoots and kills the bike-riding teenager Drew Sharp during the methylamine freight train heist. Todd maintains his stance that Drew had to go since he witnessed the theft.

From a law breaker’s perspective, Todd’s argument makes sense. There was no way for them to know whether Drew would keep his mouth shut or not. If the heist had made headlines, Drew could have been influenced to testify. Still, the shooting of Drew remains one of the saddest deaths in Breaking Bad since the teen was minding his own business.

When Jack Wonders Why He Is Continuing To Cook Meth

“This Is Millions, Uncle Jack. No Matter How Much You Got, How Do You Turn Your Back On More?”

Todd explains to Jack why he wants to continue cooking meth in Breaking Bad

Jack is baffled when Todd opts to continue cooking meth yet the gang has scored big by talking most of Walt’s money. The neo-Nazi crime boss figures they have more money than they will ever need in a lifetime but Todd insists that it’s always better to make more.

Indeed, the lust for money never ends and that’s why in the real world, billionaires don’t retire from entrepreneurship. However, Todd has a different kind of lust. The reason he is keen on cooking is so that he can be close to Lydia and get to be romantically involved with her. Unfortunately for him, he gets killed before he ever has the chance to express his feelings.

When He Realizes Walt Had A Remote-Controlled Machine Gun In The Trunk

“Jesus. Mr. White…”

Immediately after Walt’s automatic M60 rifle runs out of ammo in the series finale, Todd crawls to the window to check who is shooting. When he turns and sees Walt staring at him, he realizes the former teacher is behind it all.

After taking most of his money in the desert, Todd and every other member of Jack Welker’s gang make the assumption that Walt has become toothless. His surprise upon realizing that Walt has managed to wipe out most of the gang with just a single rifle is indeed fitting. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that Mr. White, as he likes to call him, would stage a comeback.

As He Wonders Why Walt Is Replacing Stolen Methylamine With Water

“Why This Other One For The Water?”

During the train heist, Todd wonders why Walt needs to fill the tanks with water too instead of just siphoning the methylamine. Shocked at how dumb the question is, Walt gives Jesse the opportunity to answer. Jesse hastily lets him know the water is added so as to maintain the weight. This way, no one suspects anything was stolen.

Todd’s ruthlessness during his run on the show makes him a promising antagonist but his low IQ serves as a constant indicator that he might never rise above the position of henchman. Everything science-related feels alien to him. He doesn’t have an eye for business either, which leaves him quite disadvantaged in the cutthroat Albuquerque underworld.

Before He Shoots Andrea

“Just So You Know, This Isn’t Personal.”

Todd shoots Andrea to punish Jesse for escaping in Breaking Bad

Towards the end of the series, Jesse tries to escape from his cage at Jack’s compound but he gets captured. To teach him a lesson. Todd drives him to his lover Andrea’s house where he goes ahead to shoot her.

It’s an action meant to dissuade Jesse from trying to break free again but it has the opposite effect as it only makes the cook more vengeful. When he finally gets his hands on Todd, later on, he strangles him to death. Todd’s claim that the murder isn’t personal is also a lie since he tried hard to emulate Jesse’s work but failed miserably, making him one of the least intelligent meth cooks in Breaking Bad.

When He Tries To Dissuade Lydia From Terminating Their Partnership

“I Think It’s Kind Of Mutually Good.”

Todd convinces Lydia to not break off their partnership in Breaking Bad

Todd is temporarily heartbroken when Lydia contemplates breaking off their partnership. He thus pitches himself to her once again, claiming that they should keep going since their meth is now 92% pure.

There’s a huge social status canyon separating Lydia and Todd therefore it’s expected of her to not see him as a valuable partner. As the Head of Logistics at Madrigal Electromotive GmbH, she is used to doing business with powerful figures such as Peter Schuler and Gus Fring. Hanging out with Todd is a step back for her, but she’s desperate at this particular moment so the gangster manages to convince her that their partnership will benefit them both.

When He Tries To Comfort Walt

“Sorry For Your Loss.”

Todd comforts Walt after Hank gets killed in Breaking Bad

Walt yells out in agony when his brother-in-law Hank is killed in one of the best episodes of Breaking Bad, “Ozymandias.” This prompts even the unsympathetic Todd to feel pity for him.

Todd has a soft spot for Walt since it’s the former chemistry teacher who showed him how to manufacture higher-quality meth. Nevertheless, Todd isn’t one to give someone a shoulder to lean on and this becomes evident when he walks away right after throwing four comforting words at Walt. To him, Hank’s death is yet another acceptable loss.

When Walt Hires Him As Jesse’s Replacement

“We’ll Talk Money Once I Get This Right.”

Todd brushes aside Walt's salary discussions in Breaking Bad

Walt is keen to talk money when he hires Todd as his replacement cook. Surprisingly, Todd declines to engage in remuneration discussions and requests Walt to just teach him everything first.

Todd’s remarks stem from his desire to be a respected figure in Albuquerque’s underworld. He’s heard about Jesse’s exploits therefore he figures that if he can learn to cook as well as he does, he’ll rise to the elite level too. In addition to that, he tries to prove to Walt that he is more focused on work than money, a trait that always impresses bosses.

When Walt Shows Up At Jack Welker’s Compound

“You Really Shouldn’t Have Come Back, Mr. White.”

Todd chats with Walt at Jack Welker's compound in the Breaking Bad finale

Todd once again feels pity for Walt when he returns to Jack Welker’s compound, pretending to be distraught. He thinks Jack will kill the fugitive meth manufacturer this time. What he doesn’t know is that Walt has a plan to kill them all.

By saying these words, Todd appears as the foolish one since Walt has a remote-controlled gun in the back of his car. However, his words serve as a form of foreshadowing. Walt shouldn’t have come since in his effort to take out the entire gang, a bullet hits him too, causing his death.

During His First Cooking Session

“You Didn’t Tell Me This Smells Like Cat P—“

Todd makes his first cook under Walt's supervision in Breaking Bad

Todd is shocked by the pungent smell that comes out of the containers the first time he tries to cook meth. He assumed there would be a food-like aroma but he gets something else instead.

Unlike Jesse, Todd didn’t attend a prestigious high school and has never been inside a lab before. He, thus, has no idea how most of the chemical compounds Walter White uses in Breaking Bad smell like. Being raised by gangsters has made him lack knowledge in most academic concepts. What sets him apart from the rest of the gangsters is that he is at least willing to learn.

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