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Breaking Bad: 10 Strange Things About The Show That Can’t Be Forgotten

Breaking Bad has been over for a while now but these 10 strange things still plague the minds of some fans and shouldn't be forgotten.

Vince Gilligan is considered by many to an absolute genius, whose directorial skills are sublime in their own unique way. A big part of what made this man’s legacy was his stellar show Breaking Bad, which ended up being one of the greatest and most popular shows of all time due to the sheer brilliance of the show’s writing, coupled with incredible performances from its main cast and a deceptively normal setting that ended up hiding a ton of intrigue.

That being said, even a masterpiece like Breaking Bad has its fair share of annoyances that people can find hard to ignore. While called these things errors might be a bit too extreme, there’s no denying that the following ten strange occurrences in the show definitely ended up breaking some viewers’ immersion due to how hard it was to overlook them.

Ted Can Be Unreasonably Stupid At Times

Ted discusses his IRS problem with Skyler in Breaking Bad

Ted is generally considered to be one of the more hated characters in Breaking Bad, mainly due to his rather pathetic displays at times coupled with a natural inclination towards doing some truly stupid things.

From cheating on a married man to refusing to pay his taxes — the number of avoidable problems that Ted has faced throughout the series feels way too much… even for a character like him.

Ted Tripping On His Own Carpet Is A Bit Too Convenient

Ted Beneke in Breaking Bad

Perhaps the stupidest thing Ted might’ve even done — especially when it came to his own health — was when he tried to escape Huell and Kuby… only to trip on the carpet that he’d placed in his very own home.

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While this was admittedly a hilarious scene that showed just how error-prone Ted really was, one has to admit that this situation ended up being a rather convenient one for Skyler as well.

The White Supremacists Mention Bin Laden’s Death… Even Though It Hadn’t Happened Yet

Uncle Jack and Todd confront Hank in Ozymandias Breaking Bad

Given the fact that the series starts with Walt’s 50th birthday, one can assume that it’s been a year from the first season to the last, where Walt celebrates his 51st birthday.

However, during the discussion with Jack and his gang where Walt talks about killing nine men in prison within two minutes, one of the gang members jokes about how killing Bin Laden wasn’t this complicated — an event that happened seven months in the future.

Mike Should’ve Never Trusted Dan With The Money

Dan from Breaking Bad

For the most part, Mike Ehrmantraut had done a great job of covering his tracks near the end of the series and could’ve lived a peaceful life with his granddaughter… had it not been for the bumbling fool of a lawyer he decided to keep on his payroll.

Dan might’ve been a competent lawyer, but he had absolutely no clue of how to cover his tracks and was inevitably caught red-handed by the DEA, leading to a chain of bad events for Mike that ultimately led to his demise.

Skyler Pinpointed Minor Charges On Walt’s Credit Card… But Not The Purchase Of An RV

RV from Breaking Bad

Near the start of the series, Skyler called out Walter’s $15 purchase of paper on a credit card that they never used, which is fine enough given the context of that card existing only for the purposes of emergency spending.

However, what’s odd is that Walter buys a full-blown RV as well and Skyler simply doesn’t notice that their wealth has decreased by a whopping $7000, which is certainly more than the $15 that she pinpointed a while back.

Gus’ Plan To Kill Don Eladio Is Quite A Gamble

Don Eladio takes poisoned tequila in Breaking Bad

Gustavo Fring is one of the best characters in Breaking Bad, with his plan to take revenge on Don Eladio for killing his partner — in business and otherwise — becoming the brunt of his motivation. That being said, Gus’ plan involved a ton of what-ifs that could’ve soured the proceedings.

What if some of the capos didn’t drink the spiked liquor? What if the guards ended up killing them with their superior numbers? It was a risky plan, and Gus should be thankful that everything played out in his favor.

Hector Agreeing To Walter’s Plan In Record Time Is A Bit Hard To Swallow

Gus taunts Hector before they both get blown in Breaking Bad

Hector Salamanca wasn’t the biggest fan of Walter White, but he still would’ve preferred his company in a heartbeat over that of his tormentor, Gustavo Fring.

That being said, it’s rather hard to believe that Hector chose to sacrifice his own life and trusted Walt with a plan that he’d just heard about a short while back.

The Details Surrounding The Poisoning Of Brock Are Rather Hazy

Walter White and Brock in Breaking Bad

The poisoning of Brock Turner is ultimately what led to Jesse turning on Gus and helping out Walt with his plan to kill the drug kingpin… only for viewers to find out that Walt was behind the poisoning all along.

However, given the fact that Walt was under constant surveillance and couldn’t get even a moment of time to himself, how did he even manage to get in contact with Brock and poison him in the first place?

Jesse Throwing Raves At His House Without A Single Complaint Is Hard To Believe

Jesse buys his parents' house in Breaking Bad

Jesse’s new house wasn’t in the middle of nowhere — in fact, it was actually in a rather well-to-do neighborhood where people wouldn’t have appreciated loud raves that lasted throughout the night.

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However, for some reason, no neighbor complained about Jesse’s raves to the police, which is certainly quite hard to believe.

Hank’s Promotion In The DEA Doesn’t Really Feel All That Justified

Hank Beating Jesse in Breaking Bad

Hank might’ve been the man who figured out that Gustavo Fring was the real ringleader of the drug problem in New Mexico, that still doesn’t explain away the times when he beat up random people — such as Jesse — to a pulp without any second thoughts whatsoever.

If anything, his unhinged persona should’ve been a red flag for the DEA… but they still ended up promoting Hank based on one correct assumption.

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