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Breaking Bad: 12 Most Shocking Deaths, Ranked

Breaking bad wasn't scared i kill off characters, but no one saw these coming.

Breaking Bad may have come to an end back in 2013, but that hasn’t stopped fans from binging this hit crime drama over and over again. With so much suspense and action, many characters have come and gone from the series. It’s safe to say that many people meet their demise – and some were much more mind-blowing than others.

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To throw it back to all of the times in the show when someone met their end, this list is here for nostalgia, cringe, and to relive all of those shocks once again. Here are the 10 most shocking deaths from the series, ranked.


While no one really cared about this character, it was still a death that no one saw coming. In season 2, Jesse finds himself held hostage by two drug addicts.

They don’t get along too well, but no one expected the wife to squish her husband with an ATM. Surprisingly, this was also one of the most gruesome deaths.


While fans only got to know this character for the short part of one episode, it was still extremely unsettling and totally surprising. In a flashback, Gus and his brother are meeting with Hector about selling meth.

To warn Gus, he shoots his brother in the head, killing him. This might have been the only time in the series where viewers felt sorry for Gus Fring.


combo in breaking bad

Viewers of the show will remember Combo as Jesse’s friend, and one who joined Skinny Pete and Badger to help sell meth on the street. His death on a street corner was definitely tragic – and certainly unexpected.

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To stir the pot even more, fans (and Jesse) later find out that it was Andrea’s little brother who shot him. This character loss was a surprising blow.


The finale of the third season was an intense and riveting watch, while fans waited to see who would arrive at Gale’s house first. Whether or not fans expected Jesse to pull the trigger, it was still jaw dropping to watch Gale meet his end.

This quirky and nerdy man was cooking meth, but he certainly did not deserve his demise. This death was hard on Jesse – and definitely on fans, too.

The Boy

This might have been one of the hardest deaths to watch, and where fans finally realize that Todd is far from a good man. After they pull off the train heist, a young boy on a dirtbike is shown – and waves to them.

To everyone’s dismay, Todd pulls out a gun and shoots. Jesse never gets over it, and neither do any viewers of the show.

Don Eladio

Don Eladio holds the Tequila bottle Gus gave him in Breaking Bad

When this scene started, it was definitely not on anyone’s radar that a mass murder would occur. However, the pieces slowly start falling together, right before chaos ensues.

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Mike, Gus, and Jesse visit Don Eladio, where they have a pleasant drink and conversation by the pool (where Gus’ brother was killed). Gus poisons himself – but everyone else, too.


Near the end of the second season, no fan saw Jane’s tragic death coming. Jesse was just on the upswing, and her death seemed extremely sudden.

It was definitely another reason to feel incredibly bad for Jesse, and after her body was rolled out – fans were still scratching their heads in disbelief.


After Gale’s death, there is a lot of unsettling aftermath. Walt and Jesse await for Gus to do something in the lab, and to everyone’s shock – he quickly slits the throat of his right-hand man, Victor, with a box cutter.

No one saw that coming, and Jesse’s and Walt’s reaction was enough to prove that. They managed to live another day, and completely bewilder fans.

Hector, Tyrus, & Gus

Gus taunts Hector before they both get blown in Breaking Bad

This was a triple kill, and while fans knew something was definitely not going to end well, it’s hard to say that anyone expected all three of these characters to meet their end so quickly.

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It seemed unbelievable that Gus would be killed, especially on such an emotionally driven fluke. However, these three characters were all crossed off the list.


Fans probably thought that this character would actually make it out alive. After being caught and losing all of his granddaughter’s money, that was the least that he deserved.

Walt is a wild card, but it was certainly unexpected that he would actually be the one to end this legendary man’s life. To everyone’s sadness, he topples over beside the beautiful lake.

Hank & Steve

It might have only been a matter of time before these two met their end at the hands of drug dealers, but this shoot-out was shocking. One episode ends with the shooting, and the next opens with a dead Steve Gomez and a wounded Hank.

Fans probably thought that Walt would again be able to talk someone out of doing something rash, but he met his match with Jack – who kills Hank – in a surprisingly noble death. No one saw this coming.

Walter White (& Jack’s Crew)

Walter White in Breaking Bad

While his death wasn’t overall surprising – that is, fans assumed that Walt would eventually meet his end, either through cancer or meth cooking – the way in which he did wasn’t exactly foreseen.

Plus, every single one of Jack’s crew members dying was definitely a jaw dropping scene. It was going to happen – but Walt’s genius shocked everyone once again. This finale certainly through fans for a loop.

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