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Breaking Bad: Every Episode In Season 4, Ranked (According To IMDb)

Breaking Bad only seemed to get better with time, and season 4 continued to get glowing reviews with the episodes maintaining high scores on IMDb.

Written by Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad, starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul is often considered to be one of the best TV series of all time. The crime drama is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which sees two completely normal men transform into most wanted criminals by making meth.

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The show’s fourth season was released in 2011, following the events of a frantic season 3 finale that saw Walter White and Jesse Pinkman at crossroads, thanks to the latter shooting Gale Boetticher. With Gustavo Fring circling around their lives, Walt and Jesse need to come up with a plan to get out of this precarious situation. In this list, we are going to rank every episode from the fourth outing of Breaking Bad.

“Open House” (8.1)

In the third episode of season 4, Skyler is still pressing on Walt to discuss buying the car wash company.

Walt, still fresh from the beatdown he received at the hands of Mike, has other problems to deal with, so Skyler goes to Saul Goodman for help. Jesse continues the parties at his home, while Marie picks up her old habit.

“Thirty-Eight Snub” (8.3)

In the second episode of season 4, Walt buys a couple of weapons as a way to keep himself and his family safe. He continues practicing his skills with a gun, while Mike deals with Victor’s sudden death.

Jesse struggles with the trauma of what he did quite recently. Skyler pushes Walt to take up a business opportunity that would benefit their family.

“Cornered” (8.5)

In the sixth episode of season 4, Skyler tries to read in between the lines of Gale’s murder, and she starts to ask unsettling questions to Walt, which he doesn’t like, obviously.

Walt. Jr isn’t happy about his father’s gambling addiction, so Walt tries to mend his relationship. Moreover, Mike and Jesse begin to form some sort of partnership.

“Bullet Points” (8.7)

In the fourth episode of season 4, Walt and Skyler come up with a plan to convince their family about the money.

At the dinner, they succeed in telling the story, but Hank’s investigation into Gale gives Walt some unwanted nostalgia. Jesse, meanwhile, cannot seem to bear the burden of killing someone.

“Shotgun” (8.7)

In the fifth episode of season 4, Walt, quite angrily, goes to Los Pollos Hermanos searching for answers about Jesse’s sudden disappearance. It’s Mike who has taken him as they attend some of Gus’s business activities.

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Meanwhile, Hank gives some of his discoveries to Tim, and because he thinks Gale is Heisenberg, he decides that he no longer wants anything with this case.

“Problem Dog” (8.9)

In the seventh episode of season 4, Walt makes some business decisions about his car wash company and then, he makes his way into Saul’s office discussing potential methods to get rid of Gus, for good.

Jesse, beginning to get himself together after his kill, is manipulated by Walt, in typical fashion. Furthermore, Skyler’s past relationships come back to haunt her.

“Bug” (8.9)

In the ninth episode of season 4, Walt and Hank make their way to Los Pollos Hermanos again, only this time, Walt doesn’t want to get inside the restaurant.

Jesse still has a poisonous cigarette with him, which makes Walt even angrier than he already is.

“Box-Cutter” (9.2)

In the first episode of season 4, Jesse is absolutely shocked to see what he has done, and he will face the consequences of those actions.

Gus is absolutely livid with the developments, and he performs a shocking act. Meanwhile, Walt, like always, tries to figure out a way of this situation. Also, Marie struggles to deal with Hank’s tantrums.

“Hermanos” (9.3)

In the eight-episode of season 4, Gus’s invisible cloak is threatened to be removed, thanks to some really good police work from Hank.

Walt, still impatient about getting rid of Gus, is monitored continuously by his enemies. Saul provides Andrea with some money, while Jesse worries about her and her son, Brock.

“End Times” (9.5)

In the penultimate episode of season 4, Walt, worrying the worst, holds his gun and keeps pointing it in the wrong direction. Walt Jr. is still unhappy with Skyler, while Jesse doesn’t want Gus to do anything bad to Walt.

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Saul gives a terrifying update to Jesse about Walt’s family. Moreover, Walt pulls off another manipulative trick on Jesse, only this time, Jesse seems to be all in about killing Gus.

“Salud” (9.6)

Jesse, Mike, and Gus stand among dead bodies

In the tenth episode of season 4, it’s Walt. Jr’s birthday but Walt doesn’t show up, much to the surprise of Skyler as she continuously worries about him.

Moreover, Gus, Mike, and Jesse, blindfolded, make their way to deal with a cartel business, as the day promises to spiral in the wrong direction.

“Crawl Space” (9.7)

In the eleventh episode of season 4, Walt makes a batch of blue meth, alone in the lab, and quite expectedly, he is worried about Jesse’s whereabouts.

Mike, reeling from the injuries he sustained in the last episode, stays back in Mexico, while Gus and Jesse make their way back. Skyler still has to deal with Ted, and she goes to Saul for help. Walt and Jesse have another fight.

“Face Off” (9.9)

Breaking Bad Face Off

The season 4 finale is considered one of the best endings in television history. It’s a face-off that the viewers have been patiently waiting for – Gustavo Fring vs. Walter White.

It’s a battle between two criminal masterminds, and while Walt seems to be on the back foot, one cannot say for sure that he will be defeated.

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