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Breaking Bad: The 10 Best Characters Introduced After Season 1

Walt and Jesse may be the faces of Breaking Bad, but they aren't the only interesting characters. After season 1, some new faces stole the limelight.

AMC’s Breaking Bad produced 5 seasons, but included countless characters. Some were minor players in the story, but this show was and is so unique because of how it successfully ties small things into its huge conglomerate of drama. Surprises never end throughout the show, even if it takes time for everything to unravel.

Audiences met their favorite characters in season 1. When Walt, Skyler, Jesse, Hank, and Marie were introduced to the show — every complex trait of theirs was sprinkled into the mix. But it’s important to note some fantastic characters that came into the show after its first season.

Characters considered as “best” aren’t always the good guys, though. Sometimes, a few antagonists can make some of the most impactful contributions to the show. All in all, the most effective characters are the ones that reveal complexity to viewers and teach the other characters an important lesson or two.

Todd Alquist

Todd shoots a little boy in Breaking Bad

Yes, the frighteningly emotionless Todd is actually one of the more complex characters that walked in after season 1. The youthful distinction he serves in comparison to the others twists a new reality into the show—one that Jesse struggles with the most.

Murdering several people in cold blood, including an innocent child and Andrea (Jesse’s second girlfriend), is one of Todd’s utmost evil characteristics. He reveals to viewers how ingrained evil can be within a person. It’s so deep in him that he doesn’t even react to another’s death. Without Todd though, the show would not have seen another side to the concept of murder.

Saul Goodman

Saul on the phone in his office in Breaking Bad

The man that got his own show afterward—the one that certainly does not put the “good” in “Goodman”—Saul was introduced as a comical yet strange “lawyer.” His character is so questionable, to the extent that viewers doubted his legal-related status right from the start.


Nevertheless, Saul was one of the best inclusions in the story because of the drama he brought from his introduction. Showing how to launder money to avoid the government and his connections to change identities are only a few of the incredible things he brought to the show. His spinoff show proves his significance by revealing the various sides his personality has.

Huell Babineaux

Huell is the right-hand man needed for this show, not just for Saul’s benefit. His role may seem insignificant but that is precisely why he is one of the best characters: he doesn’t make the effort to cause anything. The sole problem with this character though is how far he is willing to go for his job, including helping Walt get the ricin to position Brock.

However, that’s the necessary trait needed to be a bodyguard in the criminal world. In terms of humor though, who could ever forget Huell choosing to take a nap on the huge pile of money? This scene became gif and meme-worthy years after the show ended.

Andrea Cantillo

Jesse and Andrea in Breaking Bad

Andrea brought a different innocence to the show, aside from being Jesse’s new love interest.  When viewers are introduced to her, she is in a support group for her addiction — one that Jesse and his friends try to sell some methamphetamine to.

It’s only through Andrea that he sees this is wrong because she is a young mother who is trying to get her act together for her son, Brock. Because of Andrea, Jesse is able to see a family life since losing Jane destroyed his happiness and hope for a while.

Mike Ehrmantraut

Mike out in the desert in Breaking Bad.

Poor Mike shouldn’t have been taken away so fast, at least according to his devout fans. He brought a different “family man” mask grit that viewers thought they’d already seen through Walt. But this former corrupt police-officer-turned-investigator for Gus Fring and Saul Goodman is proof of how deceptive people can be.

Perhaps one of his most memorable moments is when he’s at the playground with his little granddaughter and he has to deal with his criminal ties right then and there. The proximity to family is what keeps viewers on the edge as they watch how Mike keeps his criminal activity away from his family. However, Mike also surprises everyone with his good intentions. Helping Jesse is mainly where viewers sometimes feel thrown off by him, wondering who he really is.

Jane Margolis

Jane smoking and looking at Jesse in Breaking Bad

Without a doubt, this character was ripped away from the show—and Jesse—way too soon. Aside from bringing out Jesse’s soft side, she’s an all-around strong person who tries her hardest to avoid relying on anyone. Jane’s efforts to get clean from her addiction and her initial rigid personality convey how protective she is of herself.

Unfortunately, when Jesse inadvertently brings her back to drugs, she relapses and sadly dies. But, Jane has life goals and is an artistic, creative visionary who could have gone further in life. That “Apology Girl” sketch could have made for some strong artwork!

Gus Fring

Although he’s clearly not the happiest addition to the show, fans love Gus Fring for many reasons. He is likely to be the most adept at wearing the mask of innocence. His placid, business-like, and generous demeanor all are a part of covering up his drug lord lifestyle. Gus is highly intelligent, and diligent, in how he hides the real intentions underneath Pollos Hermanos and he will leave no stone unturned.

The way Gus removes his mask is extremely and delicately subtle. Every time he talks to Walt privately, he is fully able to recreate his philanthropic self once he steps back into the public eye. If it weren’t for Gus, viewers would never have heard his brutally chilling “I will kill your wife…” line that fans would never forget.

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle

Lydia promises Walt gallons of methalyne in Breaking Bad

Lydia is not a well-liked character, but she’s truly one of the more interesting characters due to her seemingly minor yet powerful role. She brings the tactful business side to the drug world, just like Gus Fring does. But in working directly with the henchmen, like Todd, Lydia brings dark comedy in certain areas yet a thirst to thrive that some others don’t possess.

Clearly, she is determined to do whatever it takes to survive, both physically and financially. However, she is also crucial in revealing just how brilliantly brutal Walt really is when he poisons her stevia with ricin.

Brock Cantillo

Brock from Breaking Bad

This little boy should be considered one of the biggest influences in the entire series. Brock is the symbol of innocence, and he doesn’t even need to do much to show that. Jesse’s personal connection with him emphasizes the need for him to protect this little family that he, Andrea and Brock started to create.

Walt’s “harmless” poisoning of the child sends an even more disturbing message to viewers: how far he, and others like him, will go to get what they want. It’s through Brock that the audience sees how taking advantage of a child, no matter how “minor” the damage may seem, is inexcusable. This poor boy’s fate also reveals how some of the greatest, most innocent people in life can be taken advantage of for selfish reasons. Brock uncovers how close the show is to real-world issues.

Ted Beneke

Ted discusses his IRS problem with Skyler in Breaking Bad

Some fans may wonder how could Ted be one of the best characters later on if he manages to both ruin a marriage and naively cause his own trouble with the IRS? It’s because of what Ted reveals in other characters in the show, primarily Skyler.

Skyler’s affair with Ted goes to show how vengeful she is. Although it’s clear that there is a hint of attraction with him, Skyler mainly hooks up with Ted to spite her husband for his criminal activity and the things he did behind her back. Ted’s intentions aren’t sinister in the end, but just plain stupid in some viewers’ opinions. His consistent tax fraud only proves his flawed trait,  thinking people will turn the other cheek on his illegal practices.

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