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Breaking Bad’s 10 Most Wholesome Moments

Breaking bad was often a dark show but it also had its fair share of wholesome moments. Here are 10 of the best examples.

Breaking Bad is dark in tone for the majority of the series, whether it be disintegrating a body in a bathtub with poison, adultery, or the fact the entire plot is based around drugs. However, within the show, there are some genuine nuggets of joy that help to break up all of those moments.

Whether it’s some hilarious scenes such as Walter White questionable quitting at the car wash, or some amazing family moments where they all come together and enjoy themselves. The show might have criminal characters and a focus on hate, but there are still some wholesome moments that take place as well.

Setting Up The Charity website from Breaking Bad

Walt Jr loves his father, and that is clear throughout the show and when he learns of his diagnosis, he does whatever he can to try and help him. This leads to a very wholesome and heartfelt moment when he sets up a website in order to try and raise funds for his father’s treatment. is the name of the website, and it’s a truly great gesture from him. Of course, Saul Goodman uses this as a means of laundering money, and so Walt Jr actually thinks he’s making a big impact when the cash comes in, making the entire situation even more heartfelt from his perspective.

Jesse Plays Video Games With Brock

Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad playing video games

Jesse Pinkman might have a lot of negative moments throughout the series, either due to situations he’s put into or problems he causes for himself. However, when it comes to certain people he can show a much softer side to his personality.

This is clear when he meets Brock. The two interact brilliantly together with Jesse really acting as a paternal figure to him, taking Brock under his wing as he wants to look out for him. Seeing the two of them just having fun, playing video games together is a sign of the life Jesse could have if he wasn’t involved in the drug world.

Walt & Jesse Make A Battery

Walt and Jesse have a true rollercoaster of emotions throughout the show. They have one of the greatest bromances in Breaking Bad although there are plenty of times that they also have major fallouts, they have no shortage of wholesome moments as well, and one of the best is when they have to build a battery together.

It’s Jesse’s idea originally, and that’s something that Walt agrees with and leads to a genuine bonding moment between them. Walt teaches him about science and Jesse actually listens, while they also discuss his illness as well, which begins to make their friendship blossom.

Walt Stands Up To The Bullies

Walter White stands up for his son

Walter White is eternally proud of his son, and the connection they have is very strong throughout the series. However, when Walt Jr tries on some pants in a clothing store, a group of bullies ends up mocking him further down the store.

Frustrated by this, Walt brings out his Heisenberg aggression, storms out of the store and comes from behind, and hurts the bully by attacking his leg. It’s quite an aggressive act and is out of character as far as his family is concerned, but it’s a moment of a father simply protecting his son, which is why it is so wholesome in the end.

Marie Helps Hank Recover

Marie and Hank in hospital together in Breaking Bad

When Mike is in hospital with paralysis, he shows no signs of wanting to improve or get out of the situation. However, this is how Marie steps up as a caring wife and really goes above and beyond while he’s in the hospital to lift his spirits.

While what she does to actually make him leave isn’t quite so wholesome, the way she treats him and helps him throughout his time in that period which shows a different, more caring side of herself.

Teaching Walt Jr. To Work

Skyler teaches Walt Jr to work in the car wash in Breaking Bad

Walt Jr. becomes more independent throughout the series, and one of the best examples of him stepping up and becoming an adult is when he starts to work. Once his family ends up buying the car wash, it becomes a moment for him to get that opportunity.

Of course, because the car wash is owned by the family, it allows for a genuinely wholesome moment where Skyler gets to teach her son the ropes, which is a rare situation for any mother. It’s a genuine scene between them, showcasing the bond that they have.

Jesse Plays Peekaboo

Jesse is quite a soft person at his core, giving a lot of care and attention to plenty of people throughout the series. One of those just so happens to be a young boy who he meets when attempting to get some drugs back that were stolen from Skinny Pete.

When he arrives at their house, he sees a young boy has been left there alone, and rather than leaving him, Jesse takes his time and tries to look after him. He plays peekaboo and has fun with him before his parents return, which is something that showcases just how caring Jesse is.

Mike Taking His Granddaughter to the Park

Mike with his granddaughter in Breaking Bad

Mike Ehrmantraut is one of the toughest and smartest characters within Breaking Bad, being someone that deals with all of the mess the other characters create. He is someone with a seemingly very grumpy exterior who isn’t really a people person, except when he’s with his granddaughter.

They have several wholesome scenes together because Mike is a totally different person around her. He’s sweet and kind and actively tries to make her happy. Their scenes in the park are often great ones and the fact he’s doing everything to provide money for her truly shows how much she means to him.

Walt Says Goodbye

Walter says goodbye to Holly in Breaking Bad

Everything Walt does throughout the series is with his family in mind and even though he makes some terrible decisions and hurts a lot of people, his love for them never fails. That is why even before his final act, when he’s at a truly low point, Walt can still muster a wholesome moment.

His son and wife might have given up on him, but his daughter Holly is simply too young to know anything about his actions. That’s why Skyler allows him to have a nice moment to say goodbye to her, in what is truly the last time audiences get to see Walt simply being himself, with no facade or false bravado.

The Breakfast Tradition

Skyler hands Walt veggie bacon breakfast

Something that happens a couple of times throughout the show is the classic White family breakfast tradition. It’s a truly wholesome moment that showcases them as a traditional family, rather than the more sinister manner that they actually are.

It’s an element that people will be able to relate with, having a birthday tradition that people can accept and buy into. This is the White family that everybody loves at the start and it is wholesome scenes like this why people actually end up rooting for Walt throughout the series.

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