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Breaking Bad’s Hank Actor Dean Norris Plays Minecraft With Quackity

Actor Dean Norris, famous for his role as Breaking Bad's Hank, has made his Minecraft debut. However, he decided to use Heisenberg as his gaming muse.

The actor Dean Norris, who is most famous for his role as DEA Agent Hank Schrader in the critically acclaimed series Breaking Bad, has taken part in his first-ever Minecraft playthrough with YouTuber Quackity. It’s a bit out of place for such a serious actor to play such a calm and, sometimes, silly game as Minecraft, but the results were certainly surprising.

Minecraft has become one of the best-selling videogames of all time since its debut in 2009. Millions of fans from all backgrounds and ages have flooded to the sandbox game that allows players to create their own worlds in the world of Minecraft. However, even with Hank’s love of rocks and minerals, Minecraft is one hobby that Norris has never taken to, to the point that it was apparently not even on the actor’s radar. And, as any good YouTuber in 2021 would, Quackity saw this as a golden opportunity to teach Norris the Minecraft ropes.

The collaboration came about after Quackity got in touch with Norris on Twitter, asking the Breaking Bad alum if he would play Minecraft with them. However, it then transpired that not only had Norris never played Minecraft before – but he did not actually even know what it was. So, after a flurry of back and forths on Twitter, Quackity and Norris arranged to play Minecraft together. And the end results, shared on Quackity’s YouTube channel, were every bit as chaotic as could be expected.

Quackity made up his skin to portray a very pixelated face of Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston, while Norris himself chose to emulate the character of Heisenberg. Together, the duo set up a geometric “RV,” in order to help Norris feel a sense of familiarity in his new world, and proceeded to sell cuboid Meth to fellow Minecraft patrons. Then, keeping with the Breaking Bad theme, the Minecraft players continued to emulate other scenes from the hit show (although with a very heavy dose of creative license).

Norris is not the only Breaking Bad veteran to be making headlines within the videogames industry of late. Giancarlo Esposito, who played charismatic drug lord Gus Fring on the show, will be portraying Far Cry 6’s antagonist Antón Castillo on its release this fall. Whether or not Esposito decides to take a leaf out of Norris’ book and actually play Far Cry 6 with streamers following its launch remains to be seen.

As for Norris’ Minecraft future, the actor clearly had a great time playing with Quackity. Maybe the duo will team up again and continue on with their Breaking Bad-themed chaos. Or, perhaps, this was just a one-hit-wonder for the acclaimed actor. Only time will tell.

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