Cheech and Chong Alive and Well This April 20th

With a new box set of their classic movie, the high priests of stoner comedy parse what’s changed – and what hasn’t

If you know what the term 420 stands for, chances are the video at the end of this article will cause insane laughter. If you do not know 420 is slang for marijuana use, then the video will seem stupid. 420 is an urban slang term originated at San Rafael High School in San Francisco back in the day (1971). Cheech and Chong knew what the term meant, and they still probably celebrate.

Marijuana users (stoners) called themselves “Waldos” back when, using the 420 term for all things relevant to smoking weed. Today is obviously Happy 420 Day.

Around the world people are celebrating marijuana use on this most auspicious of holidays. It is funny that the term 420 has a lot of myth attached to it too. Parents were once told the term referred to a police code attached to perpetrators smoking pot (okay not too far off), and another myth was that 420 was “pot smoker” tea time in Amsterdam (which it may be along with any other time).

The fact is as stated, those Waldos pretty much coined the term and the actual number of so called “Waldos” increased to include such celebrities as George Carlin came to be known as Waldos supposedly.

To further narrow the term, it was actually a time for the Waldos back in 71, it was designated as the time to meet at the campus statue of Louis Pasteur, to smoke pot. Talk about Vulcan mind melds, maybe they thought some genius would rub off? Regardless of the origins of the term, or who is or is not a Waldo, maybe it is just best to wish everyone out there a Happy 420 and let everyone get back to business.

For 420 Waldos, this will obviously mean making their best effort to erase today from their memory banks. I wonder if hashish is considered an acceptable 420 celebratory nuptial? As for PR and pot? I am not sure the pot industry will be saddened by this year’s celebrations.

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