Cicely Johnston Is Demond Wilson’s Wife- 10 Things To Know About Her

Cicely Johnston is the wife of former, legendary American actor and present veteran turned Preacher of the word of God and writer, Desmond Wilson.

She isn’t just a celebrity wife. She is also an ex-model and a famous name in the American entertainment scene. Just like her husband who is famous for a lot of roles played in movies during his acting days, she also has a history in film acting.1

She was featured in certain movies like ‘Caged Heart’.

She has, however, earned most of her fame for being the devoted wife to Desmond Wilson and a loving mother too.

What Do We Know About Cicely Johnston’s Background?

Although she likes to remain low-profile and keep most things about her life and background relatively private, we do know that she was born somewhere in the United States of America and that she is Afro-American. Her date of birth is unknown though.

Details of her childhood, siblings, and parents have been away from public consumption and it seems she only came into light with her marriage to Desmond Wilson.

In addition to this, the schools she attended are also top secret.

Here Are 10 Things You Should Know About Her

1. Cicely Johnston Worked As A Stewardess

She used to work as a stewardess in order to support herself financially as she also modeled.

However, modeling was not enough to sustain her and so she sought an alternative means to earn money. Eventually, she had to quit her modeling career as she was actually not succeeding as expected.

2. Why Cicely Is Referred To As A Celebrity Wife

Cicely Johnston’s husband, Desmond Wilson (Image Source)

Her financial status while she was still single and working wasn’t getting any better.

Although she had quit her career as a model and focused on what she believed earned her more, she still had a lot of regrets and she had to go through one of the most difficult times of her life.

However, things became to be better and even comfortable when she met and started dating Desmond Wilson.

3. Cicely Johnston’s Marriage With Desmond Wilson

Cicely eventually married Desmond Wilson on the 3rd of May 1974. They had a private wedding with only close family members and friends and of course, away from the press.

They have been married for close to 5 decades now and the marriage has been moving strongly in recent times.

4. Cicely Got A Chance At Living A Comfortable And Luxurious Life

Cicely and Desmond got married at the peak of his career. He was very comfortable at the time and he was basically Cicely’s backbone and support.

They lived and had their kids in a 27-room antique-filled house which was located in Beverly Hills.

Everyone in Hollywood knows that Beverly Hills is one of the richest neighborhoods for rich entertainers. In addition to this Beverly Hills home, he also had a Condo in Century City which cost $750,000.

Therefore, Cicely went from a struggling stewardess and model whose career was going down the drain to the wife of a very rich star.

5. Cicely Johnston Is A Proud Mother And Grandmother

The marriage between Cicely and Desmond produced 6 children who are now full-grown adults. Although just like most things about the family, the lives of the kids have been kept private, we do know that the kids are four girls named Nicole, Melissa, Sarah, and Louise, and two boys are named Christopher and Desmond Jr.

Christopher plays Little League baseball and soccer while Sarah seemed to have found passion in her dad’s field as she is a writer and occasional actress.

Cicely is also a grandmother of three adorable grandkids.

6. Cheating Scandal

Cicely was once cheated on by her husband Desmond Wilson. Wilson was said to have had numerous extra-marital affairs. However, she did not file for divorce from him, instead, she stood by him and helped him achieve his dreams of becoming a preacher.

7. Cicely Endured More Rough Times With Her Husband

At a point in their marriage, Cicely fell ill and was hospitalized. Desmond Wilson felt isolated from everything and couldn’t reach out to anybody because his closest neighbors were half a mile away from his luxurious house. Desmond was addicted to hard drugs at this point and he spent about $1000 on cocaine daily.

This rough patch got to a point where Cicely’s husband almost lost both health and wealth as their house was on the brink of being sold. Being the strong and brave woman she has always been, Cicely stood by her husband through it till he got back his faith and worked towards recovery.

8. Cicely’s Other Relationships

Prior to her romance and eventual marriage to Desmond Wilson, she was not linked to any other man as her boyfriend, and even when her marriage was rocky due to her husband’s cheating, she remained faithful and has no record of retributory cheating.

9. Cicely’s Net Worth

As of 2021, Cicely Johnston is said to have a net worth of about $1.2 million. She is said to have acquired the wealth from her past jobs as a stewardess and from her modeling career and possibly from acting as well.

10. Cicely Johnston; A Role Model

Due to the fact that she stuck to her husband and family through thick and thin even in the midst of cheating scandals, and did not break up the family she so loved, she has been seen and referred to as a virtuous woman whose strong will, devotedness, and loving skills should be emulated by wives and mothers.

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