Cobra Kai: 10 Most Fearless Characters, Ranked

Many of the Cobra Kai characters pretend to be fearless, but few of them really are.

In the Karate Kid sequel series Cobra Kai, a lot of what draws the teenage students to martial arts is a desire to conquer their fears. No character in the series is completely fearless, but many of them do a very good job at projecting that they are. They have moments of complete fearlessness as well as they overcome their own fears to stand up to others.

Some of the characters are actually solely motivated by fear. Characters like John Kreese, who appear to be completely fearless, are actually rooted in the fear of failure, so they don’t qualify to be amongst the most fearless of the series. Others, like Sam LaRusso, do because of just how much they’re able to move beyond their fear.

10 Daniel’s Fear Prevents Him From Going On The Offense

Daniel LaRusso has spent his time since learning karate for the first time thinking of himself as the hero of the story. He always sees himself in the right because he’s terrified of being seen as the villain. Daniel doesn’t want people to view him the way he spent his teenage years viewing Johnny Lawrence.

Despite him showing bravery going up against other opponents, righteous anger when people are treated poorly, and having the means to take on Cobra Kai as an organization, Daniel gives into his fear a lot in between moments of fearlessness. That fear is also why he tries so hard to only have Sam learn his style of karate, to prevent her from going in what he sees as the “wrong” direction.

Sam Works Through Her Fear To Be A Better Fighter

It’s clear to any member of the audience – and to most of the people who know Sam LaRusso – that she is not completely fearless. In fact, her fear of Tory and the other Cobra Kai fighters prevents her from helping her friends from being attacked multiple times. Sam is so traumatized by her fight with Tory that it takes her a long time to move past that fear.

Sam does exhibit moments where she ignores her fear or pushes it completely away in order to prove to herself that she can do things. One of those times is when she opts to jump from one rooftop to another during Johnny’s training session of her.

Robby Tries To Move Past His Fear

Robby appears fearless to others. Kenny looks up to him because he knows that he stood up to his brother in the juvenile detention center. Members of Cobra Kai don’t look beyond his fighting skills to realize that there is still a lot of fear underneath.

Despite his fear of turning into his father, Robby embraces martial arts. He also stands up to the same young men that he used to allow to intimidate him in helping him steal things. Robby even stands up to the different instructors he studies under in order to find his own style of martial arts.

Tory Is Only Afraid For Her Family

Tory is one of the few characters that comes across as truly fearless when she’s introduced. She stands up to anyone in her way, is willing to fight anyone who challenges her, and appears to always want to do things her way.

Tory is fearless when it comes to herself. She’ll take anything as it comes. It’s her family that causes her to have a little bit of fear. Everything that Tory does, she does to take care of her little brother and her ill mother. It terrifies her that her mistakes might mean she can’t take care of her brother, or that he could be taken away from her.

Hawk Masks His Fear Better Than Most

Before Eli takes on the name Hawk for his mohawk, he is terrified of being hurt by bullies. It’s when he starts training at Cobra Kai and changes his hair that he starts to gain confidence and reject his own fears.

Hawk becomes a person who is willing to insert himself into any situation. He will start a fight so that someone else can’t come after him first. It’s only when he realizes the bully he’s become that he starts to feel fear again, and is worried that he doesn’t know who he is.

Miguel Is Up Front About His Fears

Unlike most of his friends, Miguel doesn’t try to mask his fears. He’s upfront with his friends when something scares him – and he’s more than willing to be at the front of a fight when something doesn’t.

Miguel becomes one of the strongest students in the Cobra Kai dojo, though his loyalty doesn’t lay with Cobra Kai, but with Johnny Lawrence. Miguel is even the type of person who can walk up to those who have bullied him or his friends and attempt to have a civil conversation with them to put their differences aside, though he’s learned from experience that doesn’t always work.

Amanda Stands Up To Powerful People

Amanda is one of the only characters in the series who doesn’t train in martial arts. She sees how dangerous of a sport it is, and she worries about the safety of her daughter, and as a mother, she does have that fear every time Sam ends up in a fight.

Amanda, however, is also one of the most fearless people in the series. She is more than willing to speak her mind to a room full of council members regardless of the consequences. She’s also more than willing to give John Kreese a piece of her mind despite how dangerous of a person he can be.

Johnny Takes Whatever Life Throws At Him

Johnny likely isn’t where he thought he would be in life as a teenager. He’s been unsuccessful in a lot of jobs, but he’s found his niche as a martial arts instructor, even if he’s lost his place as a Cobra Kai instructor.

Johnny is authentically himself in nearly any circumstance. He doesn’t allow fear of messing something up, of an injury, or of someone’s reaction to stop him from being who he is. The one exception is when he and Ally Mills reconnect. He very briefly tries to be someone else to impress her, but realizes that’s not worth it.

Aisha Finds Herself Through Karate

When Aisha is first introduced, she’s the subject of bullying from the popular crowd. Joining Cobra Kai, much like Eli, gives her newfound confidence, and she’s willing to stand up for herself, no matter who is bullying her. Aisha even gets revenge on her bully.

Aisha also, however, grows beyond acting out in anger. She grows to accept her fears as a part of her and finds ways to work with them, like introducing herself and getting ahead of a potential bullying situation in her new school. She even gives advice to Sam about a similar situation.

Moon Is Authentically Herself

Like Amanda, Moon isn’t someone who engages in martial arts. Even when Miguel tries to reach out to her to get more female students in the class, Moon declines, not because she’s afraid of getting hurt, but because she wants to continue living a non-violent lifestyle.

Moon never lets anyone shame her into being anything other than herself. She stands up to people she disagrees with in a respectful way, even when those people are her friends. Moon is truly the most fearless person in the show as she never has to project any false bravado.

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