Cobra Kai: The 10 Most Mature Characters, Ranked

Cobra Kai's characters are various levels of maturity, with many solving conflicts through karate and others seeing the world beyond the dojo.

The Cobra Kai series is very good at showcasing how immature different characters can be in high-pressure situations. A large number of the characters refuse to learn from their mistakes, jump into action without thinking, and often lean on karate to solve their problems instead of looking to the larger issues.

The more mature characters in Cobra Kai might still lean on what they learn in karate, but a lot of them can see the world beyond the dojo. They deal with conflicts by talking about them, they experience real growth, and many of the most mature characters have been forced to step up.

10 Robby Makes Immature Decisions For Mature Reasons

Robby might be one of the strongest Cobra Kai students, but he is far from being the most mature character. He wants to provide for himself and not rely on the adults who keep letting him down. A lot of his bad decisions are born from him wanting to be strong enough to deal with his own problems.

He knows that he can’t solely support himself, so he relies on the LaRusso family and John Kreese for help. Robby sees the value in both styles of karate he learns and the ways of life he’s taught to live. Putting his faith in Kreese is a mistake (as was his running away in the first place), but Robby is trying to make mature decisions.

Aisha Finds Her Sense Of Self

Aisha is only in Cobra Kai for the first two seasons, but she definitely makes a lasting impact. She’s the first female Cobra Kai student and enrolls in the class because she’s being bullied. Miguel convinces her Cobra Kai will improve her self-confidence.

Aisha makes some questionable decisions. She lashes out at others, encourages Tory to steal at a party, and is part of the hallway brawl that ends the second season. However, Aisha (as her minor appearance two seasons later reveals) learns from those experiences. She learns to stand up for herself without going too far. She learns to make the first move and allow someone to get to know her instead of hiding herself away. Aisha grows up a lot because of Cobra Kai.

Demetri Sees The Hypocrisy In Different Situations

Like Aisha, Demetri flocks to Cobra Kai with other friends in hope of gaining self-confidence. He doesn’t last long at the dojo because thinks engaging in that particular style means embracing another form of bullying, which he doesn’t want to do. Demetri doesn’t want to be a hypocrite – he doesn’t want self-confidence at the expense of others.

Demetri tries his best to avoid conflict and abstain from fighting unless it’s necessary. He defends himself, and stays true to who he is, but doesn’t strike first.

Miguel Has A Logical Mindset

Though Miguel briefly embraces Cobra Kai’s ruthless techniques, he doesn’t dive all the way in. Instead, he manages to maintain his logical approach to life. Miguel looks to reason his way out of bad situations or finds loopholes so the conflict won’t escalate.

He doesn’t always succeed, but he has a good head on his shoulders. Miguel helps Johnny to realize when he’s taking things too far or not relating to his students. He also sees the value in teaming up with old adversaries, as it’s Miguel and Sam who decide to bring Johnny and Daniel’s students together.

Moon Is More Emotionally Mature Than Her Peers

Moon definitely has her flighty moments. The first season of Cobra Kai doesn’t exactly paint her as intelligent. Initially, she goes along for the ride when Yasmine bullies other girls and leaves the scene of an accident. Moon, however, shows a sterling amount of emotional maturity compared to other teens in Cobra Kai.

She never gets sucked into the conflict between dojos despite dating two Cobra Kai students. Moon finds the good in everyone. Maturely, she walks away from Hawk when she realizes that he’s becoming a violent bully, which she doesn’t condone.

Daniel Is Too Stubborn To Be The Most Mature

In a lot of ways, Daniel LaRusso is close to being the most mature person in Cobra Kai. He incorporates his life-long love for karate into his everyday life, like relating his All Valley win to his business slogan. This allows him to keep his passions without them consuming him.

Daniel is often able to keep a level-head and encourage his kids to be the bigger people in conflicts, but he also clings to his own ideals without opening his eyes to the other side of a situation. If Daniel was more open-minded and could find a way to get along with Johnny Lawrence, he could be the most mature character.

Chozen Brings A New Awareness To Cobra Kai

When Daniel takes an international business trip, the audience is reintroduced to Chozen. Though he was hotheaded as a teenager and nearly killed Daniel over 30 years ago, time and training have given Chozen a new perspective.

Chozen understands the person he was then and the person he is now, accepting his mistakes even though they no longer reflect him. Mr. Miyagi left texts he considered to be sacred and secret with Chozen instead of Daniel, proving his mature nature.

Carmen Just Wants Her Son To Be Safe

Though Carmen isn’t always around her son, she’s very engaged in his social life and his extracurriculars. She makes every effort to be supportive of him while still enforcing boundaries. Carmen makes it clear that she doesn’t want him participating in karate if he’s going to get hurt. Her fears turn out to be founded when Miguel is seriously injured in the school hallway fight.

However, Carmen knows how happy training makes him so she doesn’t stop him. Though her entire backstory hasn’t been revealed, it’s clear that she protected a young Miguel during a bad situation with his father. Everything she does is for the good of her family, and she’s willing to listen to other people to see if she’s making the right decision.

Vanessa Understands People Better Than Anyone Else

Vanessa appears for a LaRusso family get-together after Daniel and Amanda find out that their son has been bullying another student. She initially seems like a gossiper, immature compared to her other family members.

Though Vanessa likes to talk, she does know what she’s talking about. When it’s revealed that she’s studying child psychology, Daniel and Amanda appeal to her for help. Despite knowing that they’ll react badly, she offers them her (very accurate) opinion of their son’s situation. She’s incredibly observant and blunt. A little more tact might serve her well, but she’s prepared for the consequences and handles the situation more maturely than Daniel and Amanda do.

Amanda Is The Problem-Solving LaRusso

When Amanda LaRusso sees that her husband’s obsession with a high school rivalry might hurt their business, she tries to offer some logical advice to him. Because he doesn’t take it, she steps up and makes the big decisions. Amanda is always solving problems.

She applies her go-getter attitude when talking to John Kreese, though it doesn’t entirely work. Amanda can admit when she makes a mistake, and she goes out of her way to make it right instead of speeding past it as other characters do. Frequently, Amanda proves to be the most mature character in Cobra Kai.

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