Deva Cassel attacked on her physique: Monica Bellucci’s daughter responds

Deva Cassel rarely appears on social networks. The daughter of Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci posts very few photos of her. So when that happens, there are lots of fans there. In the heap, there are also criticisms, but the teenager knows how to do it.

Deva Cassel moderates her appearances on social networks. But when she posts a photo, the daughter of Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci attracts thousands of “likes” and comments. While most are positive and benevolent, not all are.

The young model has unveiled artistic black and white. One internet user accused Deva of having had cosmetic lip surgery: “Why are you not comfortable with yourself? You looked pretty before the operation, you don’t have to imitate your mother and steal her identity. You better be yourself and find your place. Focus on your talent and be a good actress like your father legend and stop behaving like an adult. Act like a teenager because you are just a teenager.

A debate ensued in the comments, before the main interested party answered: “Please I will be 16 soon. It is normal for adolescents to experience physical changes, especially at this age. I never considered having an operation and I know my parents would never let me have an operation to change my body for no reason. My lips have evolved like the rest of my body because that’s how the human body works! So please think before you try to spread such stupid and unnecessary news on young people.

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