Did Josh Brolin’s Daughter Starring on ‘Yellowstone’ Influence Him to Take on Prime Video’s ‘Outer Range’?

Our big question of the day: did Eden Brolin’s role on “Yellowstone” influence her dad, Josh Brolin, to take on “Outer Range”? It could seem that way, with “Yellowstone” and “Outer Range” both falling into the Western genre. But being about a ranching family is really where the similarities end for these two shows.

“Outer Range” is much more supernatural, psychological, and existential, whereas “Yellowstone” lives for family drama. If you’ll recall, Eden Brolin plays Mia on “Yellowstone,” a barrel racer who becomes Jimmy’s love interest until he goes to Texas. So, the answer to the question? Currently, it’s unknown if Eden Brolin influenced her dad on his choice to take on “Outer Range” as Royal Abbott. But, Josh Brolin has stated that a lot of people are trying to capitalize off of the success of “Yellowstone.”

“There were a few series I had been offered,” Brolin told Deadline, “but then you say, ‘do you have a subject matter that is going to sustain me?’ and I think ‘Outer Range’ is on an absurdist enough level that we can go in so many different directions.” Brolin claimed that “You have ‘Yellowstone’ and the Western genre is back and everybody is trying to piggyback on that thing.” Good thing, though, or else we possibly wouldn’t have the existential sci-fi masterpiece that is “Outer Range.”

Josh Brolin Speaks On Influence ‘Yellowstone’ Has On Modern Westerns, Plus What Fans Think About ‘Outer Range’ So Far

In a recent Reddit thread, “Yellowstone” fans came together to discuss “Outer Range,” and how it compares. While “Yellowstone” fans are waiting patiently for any crumb of news about season 5, a lot of them have curiously picked up “Outer Range.”

Some fans said they weren’t sure about “Outer Range” because they don’t like science fiction. This is understandable for diehard “Yellowstone” fans. “Yellowstone” is firmly rooted in reality, even when things seem to go off the rails a bit. “Outer Range,” on the other hand, makes us question who we are, and if there’s someone out there controlling us. Not to mention, the void.

“Originally watched it because we thought it was a knock off of Yellowstone based on the ads we were getting,” one fan commented in the thread. “So much better, while I like Yellowstone, Outer Range is very edge of your seat what will happen next type of show. Yes, it is sci-fi but it can also be looked at as just a mystery.”

It’s true a lot of “Yellowstone” fans didn’t think they’d like “Outer Range”; but they were open to trying it after the original post described the plot. I wouldn’t claim that “Outer Range” is leaps and bounds better than “Yellowstone”; but I do think it’s just that much different so as to give us something fresh and new. It’s something that we haven’t really seen before. Check out the recaps of episode one, “The Void,” and episode two, “The Land,” to catch up and pose some questions of your own.

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