Downton Abbey: 10 Downstairs Memes That Will Have You Cry-Laughing

We don't usually like to make fun of our favorite Downton Abbey characters, but these 10 downstairs memes are pretty spot-on.

While the characters in Downton Abbey usually take themselves very seriously, it’s not always easy for fans to do the same. In fact, thanks to meme culture, the show can be absolutely hilarious at times. From Lady Mary’s cold love affairs to Mr. Carson’s inability to have fun, there’s no shortage of funny material to create hilarious Internet memes.

Since the Downtown Abbey movie was released in September 2019, the laughs have not stopped. The film was essentially one long love letter to fans of the show, and the fans returned the favor with plenty of side-splitting jokes and images. So, let’s take a look at 10 downstairs memes from Downton Abbey that will have you cry-laughing!

10So Many Downtown Abbey Fans…

Now that the show has ended, fans can still look back fondly at one of the most popular British television series of all time. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so much fun for those who didn’t watch the show. In fact, much like the Breaking Bad fanbase, Downton Abbey enthusiasts could be downright annoying. They would constantly talk about the show and develop theories about who would get married and what would happen to the Crawley estate. Fortunately, non-fans had this hilarious meme to express their frustration in a language that every Downton Abbey fan could understand.

9Bad Parenting 101

Nobody said being the child of wealthy British aristocrats was easy. As anyone who watched the show can attest, the Crawley family does not produce model parents. Whenever their children need something, they are immediately handed off to the maids. As a result, the children grow up feeling closer to the help than they do to their own family! So many mothers who watched Downton Abbey likely got a huge boost of confidence about their parenting skills.

8Classic Thomas…

Nobody shows indifference quite like Thomas Barrow. While the majority of Downton Abbey‘s downstairs employees spend their days hating Thomas, he shrugs it off as nothing. Later in the series, Thomas becomes a much more sympathetic character. However, when the show first starts, he drew the hatred of characters and fans alike. Either way, Thomas doesn’t mind being the villain. He’s too busy trying to get Mr. Carson’s job to worry about such trivial matters.

7Mr. Carson Is At It Again…

Mr. Carson has to be one of the most beloved television characters of all time. His cold and professional exterior hides a warm, comforting side that is rarely visible. However, he also provides the show with such much-needed laughs. Often times, the stuffiness of Downton Abbey‘s aristocracy can feel extreme, but Mr. Carson refuses to give in to changing times. He will always adhere to the rules and traditions of stuffy British society, no matter what other people think.

This makes his reactions that much funnier. While most of the maids and other staff are rolling their eyes at their employers’ pompous behavior, Mr. Carson is happily bowing to their every whim. If one of his maids steps out of line for one second, he won’t hesitate to shame them in front of everyone.

6Mr. Carson Or Sam Eagle?

If you ever thought that Mr. Carson bore a striking resemblance to a certain character from The Muppets, you’re not alone. The Internet has had a lot of fun with this one, as both characters have similar faces, mannerisms, and opinions. Huge nose? Check. Bushy, black eyebrows? Check. Intimidating stare? Check. Vigilant adherence to societal traditions? Double-check.

5A Villainous Duo

Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no doubt that Thomas Barrow and Sarah O’Brien make an interesting pair. One is a young gay butler who will do anything to move up in the world, while the other is a middle-aged maid who thrives on causing trouble. These two work together to take out anyone who stands in there way. Are they a romantic couple? Absolutely not. That’s what makes this anti-Twilight meme so funny!

4Downton Abbey Flirting

There’s no doubt that Downton Abbey is a soap opera. There is drama, romance, and heartbreak around every corner. Many of the love stories are stifled by the rigid social order of turn-of-the-century England. Often times, the cold and reserved flirtations can seem downright ludicrous by modern standards. Thankfully, we’ve got memes like this to make fun of their unfaltering priggishness.

3Oh, Daisy…

Though she became much more outspoken by the final season, Daisy started out as everyone’s favorite doormat. She was too sweet and naive to stand up for herself, which made her such an easy target. She is just a simple maid with simple dreams.

Her character’s seemingly innocent nature is what makes this meme so funny. By referencing lyrics from Chamillionaire’s famous rap song, “Ridin’ Dirty,” the creator of this meme makes it seem as though Daisy is just a gangster in disguise. Based on her ability to navigate multiple love stories unscathed, it might be true!

2Thomas Is Ruthless

Thomas Barrow is nothing if not ruthless. In his quest to take the position as head butler, he is willing to do just about anything. He has no issue with betraying his coworkers, throwing his “friends” under the bus, and lying through his teeth to get ahead.

If Thomas were to take part in The Hunger Games, he would likely be the winner. Considering what he’s willing to do for a job, imagine what he would do to save his own skin? Murder is just another Tuesday for Thomas Barrow.

1O’Brien Is At It Again

Fans love to hate Sarah O’Brien. She makes it too easy. Even when she has no business getting involved in the affairs of others, she finds a way to meddle in every possible storyline. Moreover, she seems to do so with nothing but malice in her heart.

There are some people who just love to watch other people suffer, and Sarah O’Brien is definitely one of them. Whether she is scheming to get another maid fired or trying to reveal a dark secret from a butler’s past, O’Brien always goes straight for the jugular. With O’Brien, one thing’s for sure: you don’t want to get on her bad side!

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