Downton Abbey: New Era – 10 Things Redditors Want To See In The Upcoming Movie

Downton Abbey: A New Era is on its way and Redditors are excited about the potential plotlines for all their favorite characters who are coming back.

The second movie in the Downton Abbey franchise is set to release in May 2022 and fans are keen to find out more about their beloved characters. The new movie, Downton Abbey: A New Era, is set to bring back all the familiar upstairs and downstairs folks, as well as a few new ones.

As trailers give an idea of what fans might expect, Redditors have been pretty vocal in their opinions about what they want to see in this highly-awaited drama. These are just some of the things fans have in mind as a new era dawns on Downton Abbey.

“Coming Home”

The series had been loved irrevocably by fans who developed an attachment with the characters, be it the sassy Dowager Countess or that old-school former butler at Downton who holds himself and everyone else to very strict standards indeed. And although the sixth season ended with closure for most characters, there were a few, like Tom Branson, whose journey remained somewhat stunted.

PlainKatie09 on Reddit is excited to return to Downton Abbey simply for that “warm and fuzzy feeling” that fans get whenever they get to see this early 20th-century British aristocratic family and the many struggles of its many folks, both upstairs and downstairs. The fan very correctly states that the new movie would be like “coming home” once again to the beloved characters.

Will The Movie Address The Wall Street Crash Of 1929?

Redditor Post2Post wonders if the sequel to the first movie would address one of the biggest global events of the 1920s–the infamous Wall Street Crash of 1929. Given how the last movie ended somewhere around 1927, the fan states, “I’m curious if Julian will include it and how it might shake things up,” pointing out that the new movie would fall perfectly within the timeline for the event that rocked the world before globalization was even a thing.

The crumbling aristocracy following the First World War had always been a primary premise of the show. In fact, this particular plotline has been posited as one of the saddest things about Robert Crawley on Downton Abbey. It should thus be easy to set up the Wall Street Crash either as a backdrop for the new movie or as an event that has direct consequences on the family’s fortune.

A Little Bit Of Charles Blake Would Be Alright!

Charles Blake, a government administrator, turned up in season 4 of the series, and immediately sparks flew between him and Mary. At first, these were hardly romantic since the two instantly took a dislike to each other given their very contradictory views on the future of the nobility in England, post-war. However, eventually, Charles made his feelings for Mary clear, and many fans agree to this day that Blake was one of the people Mary should have been with on Downton Abbey rather than Henry.

Although the series took Mary’s love life in a different direction altogether, some fans, like Pleiadesperson on Reddit, have expressed an ardent desire to see Blake again: “Bring back Charles Blake!! I can dream..” and no doubt more than a few fans would agree.

Would Cora’s Mother & Brother Return In The New Era?

The level-headed Cora Crawley’s mother was played in Downton Abbey by the legendary Shirley MacLaine, while her brother was portrayed by actor Paul Giamatti. As expected, MacLaine’s interactions with Dame Maggie Smith’s Dowager were nothing less than epic, and the episodes featuring Cora’s family from the States were some of the most enjoyable for fans to watch.

Redditor martythemartell says, “I would be ecstatic if they brought back Shirley MacLaine and Paul Giamatti” in the upcoming movie. Certainly, the two would give the drama with a breath of fresh air as fans get some closure on their respective characters who only appeared briefly in the series.

Patmore & Mason

Mrs. Patmore has always been an absolute fan favorite, the reigning queen of the abbey kitchen with her dry sarcasm and her sharp, yet eventually adorable ways. It is difficult to imagine the downstairs folks without Patmore’s brutal straight talk.

The final season had hinted at some potential romance blooming between young Daisy’s lonely father-in-law, Mr. Mason, and Mrs. Patmore. Catherine01 on Reddit wonders “if Mrs. Patmore and Mr. Mason become an item.” The Redditor might not be alone in their desire to see the two end up together, as they both deserve a world of happiness, especially Mrs. Patmore, who made some questionable romantic choices on Downton Abbey.

Wedding Bells For Daisy & Andy – Or Not!

Young Daisy evolved over the years from a scared little kitchen-maid into a woman with a mind of her own. She took the effort to educate herself and even gained an admirer in the footman, Andy, to whose shy advances she remained largely oblivious for the major part.

However, Daisy did eventually get wind of Andy’s feelings, not least because Mrs. Patmore made sure she did. And there were some hilarious moments in the first movie involving a jealous Andy and a broken water pump. Redditor AStoryGood is excited to see “Daisy and Andy’s wedding” as the abbey ushers in a new era.

Whether Tom Gets His Heiress

Tom Branson has been one of the best characters in the Downton Abbey series and movie alike. A widower with a young daughter, Tom had a whirlwind romance with Lady Sybil Crawley, the youngest of the Crawley sisters, before tragedy hit and Sybil died a horrifying death post-childbirth.

Tom, as fans know, had gradually grown to be vital around the abbey, a voice of reason with a neutral insight into the family’s life. The first film showed him finally moving on romantically after being alone for years with Lucy, the illegitimate daughter of Baroness Bagshaw. AStoryGood on Reddit anticipates that the Tom-Lucy romance, as one “of the plot lines left over from the last film,” would form an important part of the new film with the much-hyped wedding being theirs.

Does Mr. Molesley Get His Love?

The inimitable Molsley won hearts with his blundering ways and there are very few fans of the show who don’t find themselves rooting for him. On the show, Mosley finally got his wish when the Headmaster at the Downton School was impressed by his academic knowledge and offered him a teaching position.

The other storyline involving Mr. Molsley was his growing attachment to Lady Grantham’s lady’s maid, Baxter, and kvguibxd hopes to see their mutual love and respect come to fruition in Downton Abbey: A New Era. The fan states that Mr. Mosley “is so sweet and goofy and so often gets the short end of the stick and Baxter just ~gets~ him.”

The Motion Pictures Come To Downton!

A new era at Downton, as far as fans can see at the moment, is the advent of modern times with the arrival of talking pictures.

Reddit user lonely-tourists thinks that the movie-making appears fun and “way more appealing to me personally than the royal visit from the first film.” Indeed, fans can’t help but wonder how the Dowager would react if the glamor of the motion pictures took over the hallowed halls of the abbey!

Finally, A Happy Ending For Thomas

Thomas Barrow was the only LGBTQ+ character in the Downton Abbey universe until the first film introduced a love interest for him. Unfortunately, it seems likely that Richard might not be returning for the sequel.

However, fans can hope. And they certainly want a happily ever after for this surly, embittered footman-turned-butler who has been through a lot in his lifetime, not the least of which is his own inability to accept himself. Redditor tinylittletrees hopes that “Thomas will be allowed to keep Richard, even though the latter won’t be in the second movie,” and most fans won’t disagree.

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