Every New Character in the Downton Abbey: A New Era Trailer

The latest trailer for Downton Abbey: A New Era introduces viewers to several new faces in the franchise, but who are they exactly?

The latest trailer for Downton Abbey: A New Era has left fans with many questions surrounding Lady Violet’s acquisition of a French villa and a Hollywood film production at Downton. While the trailer featured several familiar faces, like the delightful Maggie Smith as Lady Violet and Hugh Bonneville as Lord Grantham, the trailer also introduced a few fresh faces.

The film production at Downton and the journey to Lady Violet’s French villa plot points introduce longtime Downton Abbey fans to new characters like Mr. Barber, Myrna Dalgleish and many more unnamed strangers.

Mr. Barber Directs A Film And Shares A Mysterious Moment With Mary

Hugh Dancy, known for his roles in Ella Enchanted and Black Hawk Down, appears in the latest trailer as Mr. Barber, a producer and director who hopes to make a film at Downton. Mr. Barber’s film venture at the Crawleys’ presents modern Hollywood with classic film stars who enrapture several members of the house, but not Lord Grantham.

Mr. Barber is seen asking Mary if there is trouble in paradise, possibly in reference to her marriage to Henry Talbot, who is noticeably absent from the trailer. While Henry played a minor role in the first Downton Abbey film, his absence from the trailer and promotional photos for Downton Abbey: A New Era has fans puzzled over his whereabouts. Mary replies to Mr. Barber’s question, “You don’t need me to tell you that marriage is a novel full of plot twists along the way.” What exactly is the plot twist Mary mentions, and could it mean she and Henry have split up?

Myrna Dalgleish Is A Prima Donna Movie Star In Barber’s Film

Laura Haddock is widely recognized for her role as Meredith Quill in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and as Vivian Wembley in Transformers: The Last Knight. Haddock appears in the trailer as a prima donna movie star named Myrna Dalgliesh, who is cast in Mr. Barber’s film. Despite her diva tendencies, like when she smashes a glass vase to the ground in the trailer, to which Mary replies, “I do hope that was a prop,” the inhabitants of Downton are still starstruck by her presence.

Dominic West Shares A Moment With Thomas

Dominic West, known for his role as Jimmy McNulty in the early 2000s crime drama The Wire, is shown in the Downton Abbey trailer as another movie star in Barber’s film, but his identity is still unknown. When Daisy finds out about his arrival at Downton, she is quite smitten with his picture and compares him to a ‘wild animal,’ which Mrs. Patmore turns into a comical innuendo that Daisy is amused at. However, Daisy may be disappointed, as the trailer revealed West’s character and Thomas sharing what seems to be an emotional moment together.

Nathalie Baye Greets The Family At The Villa Of The Doves

Nathalie Baye is a prominent French film star who starred in the 2002 film Catch Me If You Can. Baye also appeared as an unnamed woman at the French Villa Lady Violet recently acquired from a presumed long-lost suitor. When Baye’s character is first shown in the trailer, she is standing beside another unknown male character, and their relationship is unclear. However, mystery ensues when the man and Lord Grantham are shown in an intense conversation about the true reason the Crawley family was invited to the French Villa.

With all the unanswered questions that arose in the Downton Abbey: A New Era trailer, fans are eager to learn more about the intriguing backstory of Lady Violet. The upcoming film, set just before the 1930s, will include romantic moments like a wedding between Tom Branson and Lucy Smith, and not so romantic like the possible trouble between Henry and Mary.

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