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Fran Drescher Teases ‘The Nanny’ Broadway Adaptation

Who doesn’t love The Nanny? The classic 1990s comedy sitcom made us all fall in love with Fran Drescher. Maybe it was her voice and laugh or the way she said, “Mr. Sheffield,” or perhaps it was her hilarious character’s love and affection for the family she nannied for, but we can agree it was and still is one of the greatest sitcoms. So when the news broke that the nanny herself was writing a musical based on the series, we were absolutely buzzing…

Premiering in 1993, The Nanny was one of the biggest sitcoms of all time. Following New York native, Fran Drescher, as she nannied for Mr. Sheffield, a widowed British Broadway producer, and his family in the Upper East Side, the show brought a whole lot of laughs and a whole lot of love. So now, the moment we have all been waiting for: the revival of The Nanny – but this time on Broadway! The legendary Fran Drescher has announced she is currently writing a musical based on the series with The Nanny co-creator and ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson, but it may take a while to hit the stage. Take all the time you need, Ms. Drescher; we can’t wait.


During Fran Drescher’s interview with TimeOut, she gave fans the inside scoop regarding the upcoming broadway show. The sitcom was famous for bringing on Hollywood stars, such as Rosie O’ Donnell, Pamela Anderson, Bette Midler, and many more, and curating the episodes to promote the star’s projects at the time. Drescher revealed they tried to get Barbra Streisand (who she idolized in the show), and although they couldn’t get her, the broadway version will include a Streisand character! Additionally, she revealed the show “won’t feel episodic” but will still “have the same humor and all the characters” from the OG series

While we patiently wait for The Nanny on broadway, Fran Drescher collaborated with Australian author Rebecca Kelly to release a book “good for the whole family” titled N is for The Nanny, where all the proceeds of the book go towards her nonprofit organization, Cancer Schmancer. The book “captures the warmth and the joy that the series has brought to so many,” so make sure to catch a copy!

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