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Genshin Impact’s Albedo & Sucrose Reimagined As Breaking Bad Alchemists

A hilariously accurate piece of fan art combines the alchemy of fantasy role-playing game Genshin Impact with intense crime drama Breaking Bad.

A talented artist has transformed two Genshin Impact heroes, Albedo and Sucrose, into Breaking Bad protagonists Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game, developed by miHoYo, which released in September 2020 and continues to receive updates. Breaking Bad, meanwhile, is a critically-acclaimed crime drama television show which aired from 2008 to 2013.

Genshin Impact features a colorful and unique cast of characters for players to meet and control, each with their own personalities and combat abilities. While some heroes can be unlocked by playing the game, many must be acquired through the game’s Wish system. This system allows players to randomly acquire a character or item, similar to a slot machine. The latest addition to Genshin Impact‘s roster is Eula, a dancer and Cryo-type hero who wields ice powers and a claymore sword in battle.

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Skilled artist and Reddit user queenieo recently posted a fictional magazine cover which combines Genshin Impact character Albedo and Sucrose with Breaking Bad protagonists Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. The magazine cover, belonging to fictional publication Popular Alchemy, features Chief Alchemist Albedo and his assistant Sucrose, due to both characters’ ties to alchemy. On the cover the pair are dressed in the iconic yellow hazmat suits worn by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, themselves a pair of chemists, in Breaking Bad. While both pairs of characters feature a genius mentor and scatterbrained assistant, Albedo and Sucrose seek to better the world while Walter and Jesse seek only profit.

Developer miHoYo continues to support Genshin Impact in the form of events, updates and expansions. The game’s next big update, Version 1.6, will likely be detailed in a livestream at some point in the near future. While the date of the 1.6 livestream has not yet been revealed, the schedule of past livestreams suggest that it may occur on May 28. Most Genshin Impact livestreams have occurred two weeks before the launch of the associated update, and with Version 1.6 expected to arrive on June 9 this timeline would make sense. Version 1.6 is expected to include changes and additions such as tweaks to the game’s newly-introduced housing system.

Comparing Albedo and Sucrose to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman is very amusing, because the two pairs are both very different and very similar. Breaking Bad focuses on the manufacture and sale of narcotics while Genshin Impact is an open-world fantasy role-playing game, so tonally there is not much overlap between the two. However, the presence of genius alchemists, and their capable but youthful assistants, binds the two pieces of media together. Queenieo was able to bring this parallel to life in a hilarious, but also gorgeously illustrated, way.

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