Laurel and Hardy

ITV’s The Chase mentions Ulverston’s Laurel and Hardy statue

A PRIMETIME TV quiz show featured a nod to a Cumbrian town.

The Chase, hosted by Bradley Walsh, mentioned the historic market town of Ulverston as one contestant was asked: “In what town can you see a statue of the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy?”

The options presented were: Uppington, Uttoxer and the correct answer, Ulverston.

The Laurel and Hardy statue has been standing proud in County Square since it was commisioned in 2010.

The bronze statue was commissioned and paid for by the Sons of the Desert, the Laurel and Hardy Fan Club, and was designed and sculpted by Graham Ibbeson.

The statue commemerates Stan Laurel, who was born in Ulverston on June 16, 1890. The statue depicts him with his partner Oliver Hardy and the famous dog which appeared in many films – Laughing Gravy.

The statue stands outside of the Coronation Hall, where in 1947 Stan and Ollie appeared on the balcony.

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