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Jesse Hasn’t Changed His Old Ways In El Camino Deleted Scene

Exclusive: Jesse Pinkman is up to his old ways once again, wooing Jane in a deleted scene from last year's El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

Jesse Pinkman is up to his old ways in an El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie deleted scene. Several years after the iconic TV drama wrapped up its acclaimed run, Aaron Paul returned to play his famous character one last time. Released last fall, El Camino was well-received, with critics praising Paul’s performance. The film served as a poignant and fitting conclusion to Jesse’s story, giving him the happy ending viewers always felt he deserved.

While El Camino was primarily a Breaking Bad sequel, it jumped around the timeline a little bit, depicting flashbacks that took place during the events of the original show. One particularly crowd-pleasing moment that happened towards the end of the film was a Jesse and Walter White reunion where the two shared a meal at a diner before another one of their meth cooks. Prior to going out with Walter, Jesse was seen talking on the phone with (presumably) Jane, and now an extended version of that sequence has been revealed.

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Released as an exclusive to Screen Rant to promote the Blu-ray release of El Camino is a deleted scene that shows a bit more of Jesse enjoying time to himself before heading out with Walt. Compared to the final edit of the movie, extra bits of footage include Jesse taking a relaxing ice bath and additional dialogue of his conversation with Jane. Jesse tells Jane he needs some “convincing” to see that she misses him, and he’s impressed by whatever she has in mind. Take a look at the clip in the space below:

It’s easy to see why these bits were removed from the finished movie, as they arguably don’t add much substance to the story. The goal of showing Jesse’s conversation on the phone in the hotel was to establish where the scene takes place in the Breaking Bad timeline, and what’s in the actual film accomplishes that. Like most deleted scenes, this sequence was trimmed down for pacing issues. That said, the extra snippets of footage are still entertaining to watch, particularly the part where Jesse submerges himself in the bathtub. It makes for a nice flashback to a time in Breaking Bad before Jesse was overwhelmed with extreme trauma and grief. Even though he’s still in the middle of a strange situation making drugs with his old teacher, he seems to be at peace and happy with the way things are going.

El Camino could likely be the last time audiences see Paul play Jesse. There’s always the opportunity he shows up in a cameo during Better Call Saul season 6 (set to be the spinoff’s last), but it isn’t something that’s entirely necessary. Though Paul and Bryan Cranston are game to come back for Better Call Saul, that show’s made it through five seasons by focusing on Jimmy McGill’s compelling narrative and there doesn’t seem to be an organic place for Walt and Jesse. In the event they don’t show up on Better Call Saul, it probably wouldn’t be considered a missed opportunity. El Camino worked as the ideal sendoff for Jesse, closing the book on his arc as he carved out a new life for himself.

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