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Keanu Reeves Trolled John Wick Director’s Matrix Resurrections Cameo

John Wick director Chad Stahelski recalls how Keanu Reeves psyched him out while he was shooting his small role in The Matrix Resurrections.

John Wick director Chad Stahelski recently recalled how Keanu Reeves trolled him while he was filming his cameo in The Matrix Resurrections.

Stahelski, who was Reeves’ stunt double in the first three Matrix films before directing him on John Wick, discussed being psyched out on the Matrix Resurrections set in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “So it’s the scene in the coffee shop, and I run in with the kids to get my croissant,” he said. “And I noticed Keanu was giving me the Keanu Reeves’ eyes, and [Reeves’ co-star] Carrie-Anne [Moss] had her baby blues looking up at me. So all I could think about was Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss staring at me, and I forgot my line.””

“So it took me three takes to get it out,” Stahelski continued. “Keanu won’t admit it, but I think he was purposefully eyeballing me to choke me up. So no matter how tough or confident you think you are, there’s always that camera. I’ve been set on fire and blown up, I’ve done all these amazing stunts, but speaking in front of those two while they’re laying it on… So I think I’m terrible, but I think that was part of the satisfaction for [director] Lana [Wachowski]. I would hope.”

What’s in Store for John Wick in JW4?

Although Stahelski isn’t interested in stepping in front of the camera again any time soon, the former stunt performer and coordinator continues to carve out a successful career from behind it. Stahelski has enjoyed strong critical and commercial success with the three John Wick movies he’s helmed so far, and recently suggested the fourth film in the franchise, John Wick: Chapter 4, will raise the bar even higher. According to Stahelski, not only will John Wick: Chapter 4 (also known as JW4) introduce a deadly new breed of ninjas for the titular protagonist to tangle with, but the sequel will also delve deeper into the franchise’s established lore.

Stahelski also confirmed that JW4 is the longest John Wick movie yet, clocking in at over 131 minutes. The director offered a promising update regarding the future of the franchise, as well, assuring fans that Lionsgate is still in favor of producing additional John Wick films. “[As of right] now it is the studio’s [full] intention to continue the franchise,” Stahelski said. Lionsgate originally intended to shoot the fourth and fifth John Wick installments back-to-back, however, delays related to the COVID-19 pandemic ultimately scuttled these plans.

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