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Laurel & Hardy museum opens its doors with new exhibition change

A MUSEUM dedicated to keeping the legacy of one of the world's most famous comedy duos alive is set to open its doors after a month closed.

The Laurel & Hardy museum in Ulverston, which displays a collection of the duo’s journey in the history of cinema, closed for January to undertake minor improvements.

However, after a month of cleaning and dusting, the museum is ready to carry on sharing the life of Ulverston-born Stan Laurel and American Oliver Hardy with the world again.

Mark Greenhow, owner and curator of the museum, said: “We are open seven days a week right throughout the year and we also do evening comedy shows so we are very busy and we don’t often get the chance to stop and have a little bit of a refresh.

The Westmorland Gazette: Mark GreenhowMark Greenhow (Image: Submitted)

“We cleaned the carpets and removed the dust and made some improvements to the exhibition.”

One of the improvements in the museum was the displaying of film costumes in a ‘more pleasing way’.

Mr Greenhow said: “A few years ago we were given some costumes from the film Swiss Miss which we never quite got right in how we would display them but as we closed in January we had time to frame them.

The Westmorland Gazette: New projector.New projector. (Image: Laurel and Hardy)

“We also a new projector and screen to show the movies in the best way possible.”

He said he was excited to open the doors again as they want to share their love of Laurel and Hardy with the world.

“We do this job because we love Laurel and Hardy so it is nice to see people coming and enjoy the films and look at the memorabilia”, said Mr Greenhow.

“Their first film was released over one hundred years ago and they have been popular all the way since then and we hope they will continue forever more.

The Westmorland Gazette: New frames in the exhibition.New frames in the exhibition. (Image: Laurel and Hardy)

“It is amazing that they are still making kids laugh and they still enjoy black and white movies.

“We just hope that the custumers continue to enjoy coming here and keep us in their minds.”

This year the ticket prices increased to £14 for a family of five.

The owner said: “Unfortunately we’ve been forced to increase our prices this year. We hope that’s still pretty good value.”

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