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LEGO Fortnite Player Builds Breaking Bad RV

A LEGO Fornite player recreates the 1986 Fleetwood Bounder RV featured in the critically acclaimed AMC crime drama Breaking Bad.


  •  Fortnite’s LEGO mode offers a new building experience, allowing players to create impressive structures like a Breaking Bad RV replica.
  •  The player’s recreation of the RV included special abilities like flying.
  •  Video games, including Fortnite, have become a platform for creative expression and tributes to beloved shows like Breaking Bad.

Fortnite player made a faithful replica of the iconic RV from the crime drama Breaking Bad using the game’s popular LEGO mode. The player shared their work online, showing off the impressive recreation’s special abilities and features.

Fortnite‘s LEGO mode, which came out earlier this month, introduced players to a new cooperative sandbox experience that focused on building rather than on the intense combat that the game’s usual Battle Royale offering has always been known for. While some have utilized the near limitless creative freedom LEGO Fortnite offered to create grand, towering structures, one player chose to build something a bit simpler: the 1986 Fleetwood Bounder RV that was featured prominently in AMC’s critically acclaimed television series, Breaking Bad.

Twitter user JustAFrog123’s recreation really captured the look of the vehicle it was based on, and it even included the lab that Breaking Bad‘s main protagonist Walter White used in the show. A video of the work uploaded by JustAFrog123 showed that the Fortnite player’s RV differed slightly from Breaking Bad‘s Fleetwood Bounder as it could fly in addition to just being able to drive on the road normally. However, the replica vehicle still ended up sharing the same sad fate of its television counterpart and was destroyed, although the Fortnite version’s demise was a bit flashier.

Many praised the recreation, which was supposedly the first replica of the RV in LEGO Fortnite, and Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Fortnite developer Epic Games, even liked JustAFrog123’s Twitter post. While someone was previously able to build the Breaking Bad RV in Minecraft, that project could not move unlike the Fleetwood Bounder replica in LEGO Fortnite.

There have been homages to the beloved drama in other video games as well, such as the replica of Breaking Bad‘s drug lab in the cozy life simulator Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The Los Pollos Hermanos truck featured in the series has also been recreated in the racing game Forza Horizon 5.

People have long used video games as a creative outlet to express themselves or to show their appreciation for a thing they love. That has not changed with Fortnite’s LEGO mode, which has become the canvas of some truly stunning original builds. For example, someone created a fully functional Ferris wheel in LEGO Fortnite. Another Fortnite player was able to make a working airship just days after the LEGO mode was released.

Lego Fortnite

Lego Fortnite is a mode within Fortnite that draws inspiration from Minecraft. You’ll build structures, craft weapons, and upgrade your village to help you survive the monsters that come out at night.

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