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‘Little House on the Prairie’: Alison Anrgrim Described How Women Were ‘Madly in Love’ With Michael Landon

Never let it be said that Little House on the Prairie star Alison Angrim holds back when it comes to talking about Michael Landon.

In this case, she talks about how women happened to be “madly in love” with Landon, who played Charles Ingalls.

Arngrim, who played Nellie Oleson on the show, shared her thoughts in an interview with Smashing Interviews.

Melissa Parker, who interviewed her, says, “You said in the book (Arngrim’s book) that Michael Landon did not wear underwear.”

“Yeah, you want to go back and play some episodes again to see him running down the hill and then ask yourself, ‘Can I tell?’” the Little House on the Prairie star says. “I think I’ve probably done a great service and upped the DVD sales overnight with that one (laughs). He knew that women were watching the show.

‘Little House on the Prairie’ Actress Steers Attention Toward Pa’s ‘Ribs’

“Did you ever notice that whenever Pa got hurt he never broke his arm or ankle, it was always his ribs?” Arngrim says. “That’s when the shirt came off and the ace bandage came on. He was always taking his shirt off. Those pants were just a little tighter than men wore them in 1874, too (laughs).”

Parker says, “I imagine women were hanging around the set just to catch a glimpse of him.”

“Yes,” Arngrim says. “They were madly in love with him. In the 1970s, it was very fashionable in Hollywood to go around in tight jeans and no underwear. So, he just incorporated that into the show (laughs). Women were crazy for him. Every now and then we’d say, ‘Oh, good Lord, he’s not wearing underwear again!’ We thought it was hilarious!”

The actress has talked about her days on the show in different interviews over the years. Still, Arngrim has said in the past that Landon did keep strict rules on the set. She says that it probably helped keep some child actors out of more serious trouble.

Little House on the Prairie also starred Melissa Gilbert, Karen Grassle, Melissa Sue Anderson, and Victor French.

What Projects Have Been On Arngrim’s Calendar Recently?

So, what has the Little House on the Prairie actress been doing recently?

Alison Arngrim recently played Debra, a typical band manager, for a family movie titled Even in Dreams.

It’s a 2021 film about an 18-year-old aspiring musician who travels to Nashville with her band in hopes of making it big in the music industry.

According to IMDb, Debra gets the band success, but it comes at a price and band tensions bubble up. The movie came out on DVD this week and will hit streaming services later.

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