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‘Little House on the Prairie’ Icon Alison Arngrim Shares New Update with Her ‘Rescue Kitty’

Icon of Little House on the Prairie Alison Arngrim shared an adorable photo and a new update on her rescue kitty. She took to her personal Instagram, where she wrote, “Roswell posing for the camera! #Roswell #Roswelltheprairiekitty #rescuekitty #kittens @santedorrescue.”

Fans loved the update from Arngrim, as one fan wrote in the comments, “So pretty just like his mommy!!”

Another fan wrote, “He’s so cute.”

Arngrim had an iconic role on the program, and it can be difficult for fans sometimes to separate who an actor is on screen versus who they are in real life. Arngrim was one of those actors who dealt with those kinds of issues following the role of a lifetime she had as a kid on the very popular show.

She spoke with From The Desk about all of this. She said, “I am so glad I didn’t have the burden of having to play a ‘nice’ person for all those years. I think it would have been exhausting! And if you look at the reaction of viewers 40 plus years later, you can see how each of us made our character ‘iconic’ and forever identified with our individual performances. In millions of people’s heads, ‘Laura Ingalls Wilder’ will always conjure up the face of Melissa Gilbert.”

It worked out for her in the end, and it is clear that she enjoyed the role.

Alison Arngrim And Her Iconic Role

She continued, “People still have it in their heads that I’m Nellie Oleson. It’s not just the kids, it’s the grownups also. Melissa Gilbert had a party a couple of years ago at her house. A grown woman who was in the industry (her husband was a big producer) actually stood there and said, ‘It’s so nice to see you two getting along finally.’ Melissa and I thought, ‘What is she talking about?’ The woman said, ‘Well, you made up.’ Then Melissa said, ‘Oh no, you mean on the show!’ This woman had to have been 40 years old, and she couldn’t figure out why I was at a party at Melissa’s house.”

You can understand her frustration. It gets complicated when you play an unlikeable character like Alison Arngrim did in the show. When that is the case, it can make one think while watching at home that there is real animosity between the two costars. The anecdote at the end of her story emphasizes that very much as folks were stunned and could not wrap their head around Alison Arngrim hanging out with the character because the characters on the television program did not like each other. How wild is that, Outsiders?

Still, it all worked out for Alison Arngrim, and her role on Little House on the Prairie was one of the best.

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