Little House on the Prairie

‘Little House on the Prairie’ Set to Leave Peacock This Month

Sadly, the classic Western series “Little House on the Prairie” will no longer be available to watch on Peacock. The streaming service decided to cut a long list of programs from its viewers. With only a few weeks left, the show can still be enjoyed until the end of June.

Other popular titles leaving at the of this month include: “Lucy,” “Postman Pat” (seasons 3-8), “Sweet Home Oklahoma,” and “Lone Survivor.”

The Verge reported, Peacock’s owner NBCUniversal makes extra profits by cycling their movies and TV shows to other streaming services, like Netflix. Basically, they’re saying viewers need to keep an eye on what’s streaming each month because it could quickly change.

A Peacock spokesperson told Business Insider that “movies will come and go from the platform regularly.”

Although fans of the “Little House” series are saddened, their favorite TV show should be available on another streamer.

“Little House on the Prairie” TV Show Facts

Based on the book series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, the long-running series holds a special place in hearts. The show features the innocent farm life of the Ingalls family. They include characters: Charles, Caroline, Mary, Laura, Carrie, along with Grace, then adopted Albert, James, Cassandra.

Located on the banks of Plum Creek, Ingalls’ little house is close to a quaint town called Walnut Grove. The series, set during the late 1800s, succeeds Laura’s upbringing and childhood through adulthood.

However, the episodes are loosely based on her real-life and the books. Per IMDb, only significant aspects are the same in the TV series, such as Mary’s eventual blindness and Laura’s future.

From 1974 to 1983, there were nine seasons of the “Little House on the Prairie” show. In addition to being critic acclaimed, it earned 17 Emmy Awards and 42 nominations.

Actor Jonathan Banks Plays a Criminal on “Little House” Series

“Little House on the Prairie” enthusiasts might remember Jonathan Banks appear as a criminal on the show. Known recently for his role in “Breaking Bad,” the actor was in his early 30’s during the series.

While in “Breaking Bad,” Banks played the infamous character Mike Ehrmantraut. His role was the right-hand man to Gus Fring, drug lord and Los Pollos Hermanos owner. Formerly a crooked cop, he also helped his long-time friend and lawyer Saul Goodman. Banks also went on to appear in the spinoff show “Better Call Saul.”

Previously covered by Outsider, Banks’ appearance in the “Little House” series was one of his first major parts on screen.

He starred in episode 16 of season 6, which is title “Darkness Is My Friend,” per IMDb. During the climatic scene, Banks plays one of the three criminals who takes two girls hostage and demands Dr. Baker’s help. In the end, Laura told the doctor what was happening and he saves the day.

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