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‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Finds ‘Most Terrifying Halloween Costume of All Time’

Halloween costumes have gotten quite inventive over the years. From a variety of DIY ideas online to make your own perfect costume to online retailers or seasonal Halloween stores, almost anything is possible when it comes to unique costume ideas. This, of course, is a far cry from some of the plastic costumes many of us had as kids. Don’t even get us started on the awful masks that came with some of these costumes. And, it seems former Little House On the Prairie star, Melissa Gilbert recently tracked down one of these costumes. Mask and all. However, for her, there is something a little too creepy about this particular design.

The former Little House actress took to her Instagram to share an unusual costume she had recently found.

“This may well be the most terrifying Halloween costume of all time,” the actress wrote in her Saturday afternoon Instagram post.

Melissa Gilbert also adds a variety of hashtags to go with the photo.

“#scary #halloween #halloweencostume #itsme #whathappenedtomyface #trickortreat,” the star adds to her Insta photo.

‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Reacts To Unusual Costume

Melissa Gilbert’s October 23 Insta photo shows an unusual-looking facemask sitting next to a package that includes a photo depicting a costume.

In the post, the mask appears to be a smiling face with a bonnet. The rest of the costume seems to be a sort of floral prairie-style dress.

The name on the product: Little House On The Prairie may be familiar.

But, little else about the costume is. Honestly, if this is supposed to be a depiction of Melissa Gilbert’s Little House on the Prairie character, Laura Ingalls Wilder, it is really hard to see.

Of course, this costume could be going for a different version of Little House on the Prairie? Because it is a far cry from the one that we know!

Gilbert Is Loving Her Nana Moments!

This costume is not likely to be something Melissa Gilbert will be using anytime soon. However, she is approaching her first Halloween as nana to her first grandchild, Ripley Lou Brinkman.

In a recent Instagram post, the Little House on the Prairie star shared a video of Ripley Sue babbling away to the camera.

“My very opinionated granddaughter,” the proud grandmother notes of the very vocal little one.

Melissa Gilbert makes sure to add that the adorable video is reposted from her daughter-in-law.

Who knows if nana Gilbert plans on dressing up her adorable granddaughter this Halloween. However, either way, it seems little Ripley Lou may have something to say about it these days!

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