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‘Little House on the Prairie’: The Truth Behind Albert Ingalls’ Death on the Show

During the fifth season of the classic television historical biopic series Little House On the Prairie, fans met a new character, Charles and Caroline Ingalls’ adopted son, Albert. However, the fate of Albert in the television series has led to quite a bit of confusion among fans. Especially as we begin to unravel some inconsistencies regarding Albert’s fate.

Fans Still Wonder About the Fate of One Little House On the Prairie Character

Over the popular TV drama’s successful run in the 1970s, the series featured quite a few major storylines. With 200 episodes in the show’s library as well as multiple TV movies, there are plenty of stories to go around.

However, with all of these storylines and plots filling the massive Little House On the Prairies run, there are bound to be some inconsistencies. And this is certainly the case when it comes to Albert’s storyline.

In 1983, Little House On the Prairie gave fans a made-for-television movie titled Little House: Look Back to Yesterday. In this special, Albert gets some devastating news that he is suffering from leukemia. His symptoms begin to get worse as the young man suffers from severe nosebleeds and regular exhaustion.

With the implication that Albert doesn’t have much time left, he ventures off to spend his last few months of life in Walnut Grove. It is then heavily implied in this special that the adopted Ingalls child had tragically passed away from his illness. However, this greatly contradicts another storyline in which Laura Ingalls Wilder reveals to audiences that Albert returned to Walnut Grove to become the town’s doctor.

Did Albert Make It To Medical School To Become Walnut Grove’s Town Doctor?

Now, the second fate given to Albert fits quite well; with earlier events that show Albert planning to attend Medical school. However, the leukemia storyline certainly makes this fairly impossible. And, per Distractify, Matthew Labyorteaux the actor who portrays Albert in the series has his own thoughts on this.

“He never officially died in the episode,” notes the former child actor.

“I think maybe it’s kind of left up in the air to debate,” Labyorteaux explains. “But it was sort of an unspoken thing that we knew he was going to die.”

However, there are some hardcore Little House On the Prairie fans who prefer to believe the second scenario is the real storyline. After all, it’s a much happier ending than the other option!

“I really wish that the movie Look Back to Yesterday was never produced,” one commenter says of the original storyline.

“I’m the first one to admit that I really want to believe that Albert did survive and became a doctor!” exclaims one series fan on a Little House on the Prairie forum. “I really wish that the movie Look Back to Yesterday was never produced.”

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