Married with Children: 976-SHOE – season four, episode eight

In this episode Al Bundy becomes a businessman as Dr. Shoe, where he tries to do phone adverts for shoes with commercials on tv. His neighbor Steve gives him a loan through his bank,  that later will cost him his job.

This is because Bud and Kelly have spend too much for the phone bill to astronomical heights. As well normally the Bundy family are financially exhausted with all credit cards that they, and all cards have been blocked. Later when Al is called by a customer for shoe problems, he comes up with the great idea of “telephone support for foot problems”.  Also he received a business loan of $ 50,000 from Steve, where Steve wants to win a trip to Hawaii in his bank by creating good deals. A little later, Steve loses his job because this was a bad idea after all.

al bundy 976-SHOE

But until now we have learned that our favorite Al Bundy is not lucky, and we could not expect anything else in this case to be lucky. Therefore unfortunately his business has fallen, and the loan he has received from the Steve has to repay the next 100 years.

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