Married with Children: Desperately Seeking Miss October

So in episode called: Desperately Seeking Miss October from Married with Children we can see how a Playboy playmate Brandi Brandt comes into Al’s shoe store. So normally he is eager to quickly get home, and then too see her October 1987 issue in magazine. But when he comes home and starts searching for this old issue of Playboy then he finds out that Peggy sold all the magazines. Because she wanted to buy a good luck charm to win the lottery, and normally Al hardly survived when he found out about that.

Al Bundy wants to show Steve the greatest Miss October in his Playboy collection. But it turns out to his horror that his wife Peggy has discarded all magazines. Al who has inherited the complete collection of magazines from his father is then haunted by his spirit. Al father ghost orders him to reclaim it back. The eyes of all men in heaven are directed at him, in Al Bundy. And this burden is even a man with Al Bundy’s self-esteem.

In the end of episode, the story ends with a happy ending because Peggy had small car accident, where she received a enough money to buy all the magazines back.

Go away, Peg!

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