M*A*S*H: One Star Revealed Their Mother Nearly Bought a Ticket on the ‘Titanic’

Fans remember Jamie Farr for playing Max Klinger on the classic series, “MAS*H.” He’s remembered for his costumes and his outright wacky statements. In an interview, Farr shared the fact that his mother nearly took a trip on Titanic’s infamous voyage in 1912.

Farr’s mother and her parents traveled to Europe to bring a young relative back to America. While overseas, the family learned about a massive ship called the Titanic.

Farr’s Family Almost Sealed Their Fate By Boarding The Titanic

Afterward, they planned to buy tickets to come aboard, and thankfully it never worked out. 

“My mother and grandmother and grandfather stopped in Marseille, France to pick up a cousin to bring back to America,” he said. “The cousin was late and my grandfather had a decision to make.”

As the actor tells the story, his grandfather intended to return to the U.S as quickly as possible. Fortunately, his family persuaded him to wait for the family member.

“Was he going to wait for the cousin or was he going to get back on the ship and go to America?

The mother of the cousin pleaded with my grandfather, ‘please you have to take my son to America.’ So my grandfather acquiesced.

The ship that my mother, grandmother, and grandfather were supposed to be on was the Titanic. It went from Southampton to Marseille and then Marseille supposedly on to New York,” Farr explained.

Farr humorously added, “I want to thank a cousin I never met who saved my life before I was born.”

The other remaining cast members are Alan Alda, Loretta Swit, Gary Burghoff, and Mike Farrell.

Even though Farr has roots in Lebanon, he’s unapologetically an American through and through.

Born Jameel Farah in 1934, his parents arrived in the U.S. from Lebanon and made put down roots in Iowa. 

Farr also explained that his olive-toned skin gave him an advantage as it enabled him to play a variety of characters.

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