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Michael Imperioli: 10 Best Movies, Ranked According To IMDb

Michael Imperioli is perhaps best known for his role in The Sopranos. However, he has appeared in many films like Malcolm X and Goodfellas.

Michael Imperioli became widely known to audiences thanks to his character Christopher Moltisanti in The Sopranos. The character became a fan favorite, and some fans see him as a likable character in The Sopranos. However, Imperioli was already an established movie actor by the time The Sopranos came around.

Imperioli has acted in dozens of films throughout his career. Some roles reflect that of Moltisanti, like his part in Goodfellas. Others bring the actor to different worlds like Houses. Fans have taken to IMDb to rate his best works.

Clockers — 6.9

Spike Lee presents a crime film with Clockers. It follows the story of a murder investigation. When low-level drug dealers get involved in a shooting, local detectives get involved and try to unpack the case and all the people involved.

Michael Imperioli has a supporting role as Detective Joey “Jojo” Thompson. Critics of the movie might say Clockers isn’t one of Spike Lee’s best movies. However, fans might say the movie is highly rated thanks to an intriguing story and spirited performances.

Dead Presidents — 6.9


Dead Presidents presents a crime thriller. It follows Anthony Curtis, a Bronx native who joins the Army and fights in the Vietnam War. When he returns home, he becomes entangled in a life of crime which culminates in an armored truck robbery.

Michael Imperioli has a small role in Dead Presidents. He plays D’Ambrosio. He appears most often during sequences showcasing the Vietnam War. Fans of the movie might say it is a memorable work from directors, the Hughes Brothers.

Bad Boys — 6.9

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith in Bad Boys

Bad Boys is one of Martin Lawrence’s highest-rated movies. He stars as Detective Sergeant Marcus Miles Burnett alongside Will Smith as Detective Sergeant Michael Eugene “Mike” Lowrey. Burnett and Lowrey are Miami cops who take down bad guys in the celebrated buddy-cop action-comedy.

Michael Imperioli plays a mechanic named Joe, AKA “Jo-Jo.” He appears when Burnett and Lowrey question his past in the drug business during their investigation. Fans of the movie might say its sequels and cult following speaks for itself, and that Michael Imperioli’s scenes are funny and memorable.

Trees Lounge — 7.1

Trees Lounge is a dramedy from the mid-90s. It showcases dark comedy in the story of  Tommy Basilio. Tommy is an alcoholic who faces a series of setbacks. The narrative unfolds after Tommy’s Uncle Al dies, and the events of the film revolve around Tommy’s local haunt, the Trees Lounge.

Michael Imperioli plays George. It is one of his smaller supporting roles. Fans of Trees Lounge might say it is painfully realistic and showcases Steve Buschemi’s talent in his first directed feature film.

One Night In Miami… — 7.1

Regina King brings audiences her directorial debut with One Night in Miami… The movie showcases a fictional meeting between notable figures in history. Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Sam Cooke, and Jim Brown meet in the film taking place in the mid-1960s.

Michael Imperioli plays Angelo Dundee, one of Muhammad Ali’s real-life boxing trainers. Fans of the movie might say it is both creative and significant. Others might say it takes a closer look at some of U.S. history’s most important figures from the time.

Houses — 7.3

Split image of the poster for 2015's Houses with Michael Imperioli.

Houses is a 2015 drama. It showcases the story of a director attempting to produce a stage play. Several notable actors appear in the film, including Steve Schirripa and John Ventimiglia, with whom Michael Imperioli works in The Sopranos.

Fans of Houses might say it brings some of The Sopranos‘ most charismatic actors together in an extremely different setting. Others might say Imperioli provides a spirited performance in the drama.

The Basketball Diaries — 7.3

The Basketball Diaries Leonardo DiCaprio

The Basketball Diaries isn’t one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s highest-rated movies. However, he gives a memorable performance as its star, Jim Carroll. The story follows Jim as he tackles the challenges of high school academics and sports while struggling with drug addiction.

Michael Imperioli plays Bobby. Fans of the movie might say it has a cult following. Others perhaps say it spotlights famous actors at a young age, laying the foundation for the careers of performers like Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo Dicaprio.

Lean On Me — 7.4

Morgan Freeman and Michael Imperioli in Lean On Me.

Lean On Me presents a true story. It follows the tale of Joe Louis Clark. Clark is a principal at a high school in Paterson, New Jersey. The school has fallen on hard times as a result of crime and violence. Clark tries to turn the school around from the direction it is heading in.

Morgan Freeman stars as Joe Louis Clark. Mike Imperioli has a smaller role as George. George is one of the troubled students at Eastside High School. It is one of his first feature film roles.

Malcolm X — 7.7

Michael Imperioli interviews Denzel Washington in Malcolm X.

Spike Lee presents a historical drama and biopic with Malcolm X. The story follows the famed civil rights leader from his early beginnings to his tragic demise. The script is largely drawn from Alex Haley’s The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

Michael Imperioli plays a reporter in the film. After X’s house is firebombed, Imperioi interviews him as a reporter. Fans of the movie might say Malcolm X‘s legacy speaks for itself. Imperioli’s role is one of several collaborations with Spike Lee.

Goodfellas — 8.7

Spider in Goodfellas

Martin Scorsese presents one of his most celebrated movies with Goodfellas. It follows the true story of gangster Henry Hill and his rise and fall from grace through his work within the mafia in New York City. It has received numerous accolades, from its direction to script to soundtrack to performances.

Michael Imperioli plays Spider in a small but iconic role. He is the errand boy for some of the gangsters with whom Henry associates. Fans of the movie might say his sequences bring out the horror in some of the film’s characters, and that Imperioli’s performance foreshadows his impressive abilities which develop as his career goes on.

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