Monica Bellucci, the cover of The Sunday Times Style and what the actress shares about her life

We follow with interest every performance of Monica Bellucci, who never ceases to amaze us not only with the way she looks, even at 57, but also with her attitude to life.

Monica Bellucci in 21 facts

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The actress is on the cover of the British weekly The Sunday Times Style, wearing a dress by Bulgarian designer Petar Petrov, which she herself noted in her Instagram post.

In an interview with the magazine, she talks about her life, how she accepts aging and her relationship with her ex-husband Vincent Cassel.

She shares that she is not “obsessed” with the idea of ​​looking young at any cost, but that she wants to grow old calmly. As a true Italian, the actress prefers wine and pasta to strict diets and workouts, and occasionally practices Pilates. “I’ve always been a shapely woman, never skinny, that’s my nature,” she was quoted as saying by Yahoo! Life.

“There are many different stages in life,” Bellucci continued. When you are young, you have what in France is called la beauté du diable or the devilish beauty – the natural, that of youth. But life goes on. The body grows old and we have to accept it. There is nothing we can do. At the same time we are “Lucky because aging means enjoying a long life. When the body surrenders, the soul rises,” says Bellucci.

The actress also commented on her relationship with her ex-husband Vincent Cassel, with whom she has two daughters – Virgo (17 years old) and Leoni (11 years old). “We have been separated for a long time, but at the same time, when you are a parent, it is for life” – she said.

Monica Bellucci, Deva Cassel, Vogue and their first joint magazine cover

When Monica Bellucci stands next to her daughter

Mother and daughter pose for the cover of Vogue

And what did the actress answer the question about her love life at the moment? “I don’t believe you’re asking me, but my age right now gives me the right not to answer.”

We are not surprised, because unlike her ex-husband, happily married to model Tina Kunaki, Monica Bellucci keeps her private life out of the public eye. She appeared several times in public with former model Nicolas Lefebvre, but did not comment on the relationship between the two.

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