Monica Bellucci, the sad background to the doctor: “A microscopic lung cancer”

The star of the local cinema has often ended up at the center of the attention of lovers of gossip, by virtue of the great notoriety it has received for many years now.

She got married for the first time when she was very young, together with the photographer Claudio Carlos Basso. Their story ended after a very short time. In 1990 she joined the Sardinian actor Nicola Farron, pseudonym of Nicola Puddu. However, the relationship that has sparked the most curiosity about him is without a shadow of a doubt the one with Vincent Cassel.

The wedding ceremony was held in Monte Carlo in the late nineties, while later they gave birth to two daughters, Deva and Leonie, born respectively in 2004 and 2010. The relationship with the French actor and producer ended in 2013. After a few years, the truth about their breakup came out. In fact, it would seem that Cassel would have betrayed his now ex-consort during the period in which he lived in Brazil, as reported by various magazines dedicated to gossip.

The sad tale of Monica Bellucci

Putting aside the chapter linked to the sentimental sphere of the splendid Italian actress, the latter gave an interview to “Ok Salute e Benessere”, in which some time ago he told an anecdote from his past.

Before that, however, he talked about his relationship with medicine, admitting that he had a bit of fear in starting to do prevention. Nowadays, however, he has understood very well the importance of it, so much so that he undergoes constant routine checks.

Monica Bellucci (Instagram)

“Enough. No more excuses. I’ll do a PET, a positron emission tomography, to put it in technical terms. My doctor recommended it to me “, Monica’s words. Immediately after, Bellucci recalled the period in which, during pregnancy, she went to France to undergo an ultrasound. Here he met a doctor with whom he conversed about advances in science.

“The doctor took me to the nuclear medicine ward. He showed me the machinery of the Pet and told me that thanks to the positrons he had diagnosed one of his patients with microscopic lung cancer “, the background revealed by the actress that has remained well impressed in her mind.

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