Pedro Pascal Thinks Nicolas Cage Would Be A Great Mandalorian

Pedro Pascal mentions in an interview for his upcoming new film that he thinks Nicolas Cage would be great in the role of the Mandalorian.

Pedro Pascal thinks that Nicolas Cage would be great as his titular character in The Mandalorian. Pascal made his debut as Din Djarin on Disney+ in 2019, when the hit Star Wars show first premiered. The actor was hand-picked for the role by executive producers Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, following his stand-out roles in Netflix’s Narcos and HBO’s Game of Thrones. Due to the nature of Din’s character, Pascal has only lent his face to The Mandalorian lead role on three different occasions, though his voice and stature alone has made a huge impact on the audience.

The role of Din, however, is considered to be a team effort by Pascal himself. Due to scheduling conflicts with other films and shows he’s been working on, Pascal isn’t always available to be on set during The Mandalorian’s filming. This was especially true during The Mandalorian season 1, though the actor was much more present on set for season 2. Din has thus also been portrayed by Brendan Wayne (“The Gunslinger”), Lateef Crowder (“The Brawler”), and Barry Lowin. Crowder has worked with Pascal before on 2017’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle, something that only helps the seamless transition between everyone who steps into Din’s beskar suit. Though all these actors have come together to bring Din to life, Pascal remains the essence of The Mandalorian, lending his voice and interpretation of the Star Wars character in a now-beloved performance.

In a recent interview with IMDb promoting Pascal’s newest film The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, he added another name to the potential list of Din Djarin actors: Cage himself. Pascal was asked which one of his roles he thought his Massive Talent co-star Cage would be the most fitting in, and the actor responded with the beloved Star Wars character. He elaborated by sharing that Cage’s physique would lend well to the character’s iconic silhouette and that his skilled artistry would make his interpretation of the “Man With No Name” inspired gunslinger. See Pascal’s full response to the fun question below:

“I think [Cage] would be a great Mandalorian. I think that he’s so physical, that he cuts such a great silhouette, he would figure out very artistic ways to execute the role.”

The question and its answer were both in good fun, but as talented as Cage is, it’s still Pascal who has breathed life into Din. The actor was brought onto The Mandalorian early into development, as he often describes his experience meeting with Favreau and Filoni in a room covered wall-to-wall in Mandalorian concept art. With little chances to use his expressions for Din due to the character’s strict helmet rule, Pascal has given his all to the voice is physicality in impactful ways, though he’s made his helmet-less moments count, too. Pascal was especially praised for his performance in “Chapter 15: The Believer,” convincingly portraying a man who hadn’t shown his face to any living being ever since he was a child with the simple way he moved and looked around the room.

Despite Pascal’s memorable and beloved performance as Din, the actor’s suggestion that Cage could take on the character isn’t hard to imagine. Cage is well known for his heroic, stern-speaking characters (such as those in National Treasure, Con Air or Ghost Rider), and his presence would certainly suit The Mandalorian’s more reserved yet intense character. Ultimately, however, Pascal has capture the hearts of Star Wars fans, and there is currently no reason to seek his replacement. Din’s journey in the upcoming The Mandalorian season 3 is expected to be very focused on Mandalore and more of Din’s kind, which will no doubt be an exciting journey that may include a few more sightings of Pascal as a helment-off Mando. This would mean audiences can enjoy more of original actor behind The Mandalorian’s lead hero.

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