Pokémon: 10 Digidestined Pokémon Teams

The Digidestined of Digimon each have personality traits and partner Digimon lines that can be translated to the Pokémon world.

Being released in the late 1990s and featuring some form of monster collection, many have compared Pokémon and Digimon since day one. While there are valid comparisons as both borrow from each other, they are also extremely different. Rather than add to the battle between them, it’s time to bring them together.

The Digidestined of Digimon each have personality traits and partner Digimon lines that can be translated to the Pokémon world. Though there are only 8 original Digidestined, any owner of the original Digivice from Adventure is fair game. Each Digidestined will receive a full team of 6 Pokémon to adventure with.

10Tai Leads With A Strong Team

The leader of the original Digidestined, Tai is a strong character who has wavered on his commitment to his destiny more than anyone else. He is paired with Agumon, the fire-breathing reptile, and owns the Crest of Courage.

Leading Tai’s team is another fire-breathing reptile — Charizard. Tai also brings along Drudigon, Tyrantrum, and Aggron for strength and similar type and design matchups to Agumon’s later Digivolutions. Rounding out his team are Alolan Marowak, a reference to the potential darkness within him as seen in SkullGreymon, and Cinderace, referencing his soccer-playing skills.

9Matt Embraces His Lone Wolf & Musical Personality

Matt is the lone wolf of the original Digidestined, but one who cares about those around him, which earns him the Crest of Friendship. His partner Digimon is Gabumon, a lizard in wolf’s clothing.

Also known for being a lone wolf, Lucario is the perfect start for Matt’s team. Matt also has the only legendary of the group with Cobalion. His team is boosted by Scizor and Alolan Sandslash, which both share similar properties with his partner Gabumon. His final members are Toxtricity (Low Key Form) and Obstagoon, as they fit his musician aesthetic.

8Sora Shows Her Love Through Flying Fire Birds

Sora is the literal heart of the team with the Crest of Love aiding her in connecting and protecting the Digidestined. Her partner Digimon is Biyomon, a fire-spewing bird.

The two main members of Sora’s team, Talonflame and Hawlucha, tie directly to Biyomon’s Digivolution line, being similar to Birdramon and Garudamon. Archeops also fits the line as one potential Digivolution is Ornismon. Magmar and Scrafty represent Tai and Matt respectively as she cares for both of them. Bellossom is tied to Sora’s history and future as a practitioner of Ikebana.

7Izzy Generates Electricity With Bugs & Technology

Izzy is the brains of the operation, being both the smartest and most tech-savvy of the Digidestined, and even having the Crest of Knowledge. His partner is Tentomon, an electric bug Digimon.

With one of the easiest translations to Pokémon members, Izzy’s team would heavily rely on Bug and Electric types. Vikavolt, Orbeetle, and Heracross are his main Bugs. Magnezone and Porygon fit his technology and scientific brain. Rounding out Izzy’s team is a Male Combee.

6Mimi Lives Her Best Plant-Filled Life

Mimi is the life of the party and a princess in her own right. With her Crest of Sincerity, Mimi and Palmon, her plant Digimon, tend to maintain a strong combination of beauty and power.

Mimi’s team is led by Meganium. Maractus, Hisuian Liligant, and Rosarade each reflect the Digivolutions of Palmon’s line in order from Togemon to Rosemon. Mimi’s Vespiquen reflects her royalty-like being and connection to Izzy. Lastly, her Politoed is a reference to Gekomon and Otamamon, who worship her several times.

5Joe Surfs & Heals With His Team

The unofficial healer of the group, Joe is a future doctor with a fear of practically everything. Owning the Crest of Reliability and having a Digimon partner in the form of the sea protector Gomamon, he routinely braves the world to help his friends.

Lapras, Dewgong, and Walrein are all Water/Ice types, which fit Joe’s Digivolution line in addition to being rideable sea dwellers. Mamoswine and Dreadnaw fill in his line with the identifiable tusks and shells found across his partner’s forms. Lastly, as the healer of the group, Chancey fits Joe’s personality.

4TK Embraces A Psychic-Heavy Team Instead Of Angels

TK is the child of the group in Adventure, but by Adventure 02 he has grown into a competent young man — though he has become a bit angrier and jaded from trauma. His partner is Patamon and he owns the Crest of Faith.

As a part of a duo with Kari, TK’s first two teammates, Meowstic (male) and Gallade are reflective of the Angemon and Angewoman parallel. Galarian Rapidash and Silvally fit as substitutes for Pegasusmon. Claydol is a reference to Shakkoumon, as they are both based on Shakokidogu. Absol in its mega form is the closest to an Angel Pokémon the franchise has.

3Kari Brings Angels, Cats & Powerful Female Creatures Together

Kari was the secret 8th Digidestined and sister of Tai before becoming a major player in the universe. Her partner is the former villainous cat Digimon, Gatomon, and she owns the Crest of Light.

Like TK, Kari has the second half of the duo with Meowstic (female) and Gardevoir. Additionally, she has Hatterene as an homage to Angewoman. Luxray and Sylveon take on the part of Gatomon with both being strong cat-like monsters. Togekiss rounds out the team as an homage to both Angewoman and Silphymon.

2Willis Doubles Up With Duo Pokémon

Willis was introduced in Digimon: The Movie as Izzy’s American friend and as a Digidestined with an original Digivice. His original partners are Terriermon and Lopmon.

Because Willis’ entire schtick is duos, his team is filled with them. Plusle and Minun represent the innocence that Willis tried to achieve with Terriermon and Lopmon. Diggersby and Lopunny are similarly designed to both of Willis’ partners and their later Digivolutions. Finally, Nidoking and Nidoqueen are strong allies that Willis could utilize in double battles.

1Ken Uses Darkness & Kindness Alongside His Bugs

Starting his tenure in the franchise as the Digimon Emperor, Ken eventually found his way back to the good side. With his Crest of Kindness and worm Digimon, Wormmon, he proved himself to be a great Digidestined.

Scoliopede, Golisopod, and Drapion all represent Wormmon and his Digivolution lines. Crobat is similar to Ken as it starts off as a dark and dangerous creature only to be evolved by friendship into a powerful ally. Grimsnarl and Hisuian Zoroark are both darker beings that don’t fit the mold of evil, fitting Ken as allies.

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