Pokémon’s Dawn to Return in New Anime Arc

Dawn returns to Pokémon for the first time in nine years for a Journeys mini-arc, joining Ash and his friends in a new adventure in the Sinnoh region.

A fan-favorite character from the Pokémon series will be rejoining Ash, Goh and Chloe on their adventures.

According to Serebii, Dawn will be joining Ash and his friends in their journey through the Sinnoh region, as they return to the region for a mini-arc. A new visual confirmed that she will be a part of the upcoming Darkrai and Cresselia episodes set to release in Japan on July 23 and July 30.

The episodes will follow Ash and Goh’s return to the Sinnoh region in order to investigate strange occurrences that have been plaguing its citizens, such as nightmares that have been linked to Darkrai. After meeting Chloe while she was on her own journey, Dawn joins the crew in their journey to uncover the truth behind everyone’s nightmares.

This is Dawn’s first appearance in the anime in nine years since the Unova region in the Black and White arc. This news comes on the heels of the announcement of the remastered Pokémon games set to release later in the fall, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, which feature her and other characters from the Sinnoh region.

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