Quentin Tarantino named his favourite Stephen King story

The illustrious filmmaking career of Quentin Tarantino has been followed by many with great interest. Since his fantastic directorial debut Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino has established himself as an American artist capable of reaching great heights. In fact, horror pioneer Stephen King recently got around to watching Tarantino’s debut and even called it an “excellent film” on Twitter.

Tarantino is now nearing the end of his career and he is spending his time on what is shaping up to be the final addition to his filmography. The filmmaker had always maintained that he wanted to quit while he was at the top of his game and he is choosing to bid farewell to the world of cinema after the completion of his tenth and last project.

As is natural, many people on the internet have speculated about what his final film is going to be even though Tarantino has expressed his interest in making a sequel to the Kill Bill franchise. He has also claimed that he wants a comedy western with a multilingual approach, finally following in the footsteps of his idol Sergio Leone but taking a different artistic path.

There have been fleeting rumours that Tarantino could also end up making a Stephen King adaptation, with many claiming that such an adaptation was among Tarantino’s list of projects that he also wanted to make but it never saw the light of day. Of course, there are also other contenders such a Star Trek film and also an original horror film written by Tarantino himself because he is a huge fan of the genre.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise either since Tarantino has always enjoyed many Stephen King adaptations, including Stanley Kubrick’s notorious re-interpretation of The Shining which he always felt was a landmark in film history. In addition, Tarantino considered the visual translation of King’s vision done by Brian De Palma in Carrie to be among the very best.

However, Tarantino’s favourite Stephen King story was actually King’s 1996 novel The Green Mile which was eventually converted into a screenplay by Frank Darabont for the 1999 film adaptation starring Tom Hanks as a prison guard on death row duty. Tarantino enjoyed the screenplay so much that he even called it “fine literature” in an interview.

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