Sheldon Cooper & Dwight Schrute: 10 Ways They’re Totally The Same Person

The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper and The Office's Dwight Schrute are hilarious characters who have a lot in common in their respective sitcoms.

In March 2021, Jim Parsons, best known for playing Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory, revealed on the Dan Patrick Show that he auditioned for the roles of Dwight Schrute and Jim Halpert in The Office. And while Parsons wasn’t cast on The Office, his role of Sheldon Cooper made him a household name. Picturing Parsons in Rainn Wilson’s iconic role is enough to make fans realize how similar the two characters are.

Dwight and Sheldon are both extremely rigid in their schedules, expect perfection in their daily lives, are seen as “annoying,” and have personality quirks that make them the topic of conversation in most group settings. So while the two characters aren’t connected in the slightest, they certainly share numerous similarities.

Relationship Contracts

Dwight and Sheldon both enjoy paperwork, even when it comes to dealing with intimate relationships. They believe the easiest way to avoid conflict and a broken heart is to have rules in writing.

In The Office, Dwight and Angela created a child contract that detailed the stipulations of their relationship to create a baby. At the time, they weren’t romantically linked but both wanted a child. A child contract was the easiest way for both to get what they wanted.

In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon is known for his agreements. He made his girlfriend, Amy Farrah Fowler, sign a relationship agreement before they could take their relationship from friends to romantic partners.

Narcissistic Behavior

As lovable as Sheldon and Dwight are in their respective shows, they’re both classic examples of narcissists. Both characters think they’re the best and the smartest. Sheldon thinks he’s the center of his friend group and Dwight thinks he’s too brilliant to really have friends.

In Dwight’s eyes, no one is a better salesman or lover than he is, and he struggles when Jim outdoes him at something he’s good at. Likewise, Sheldon can’t handle the fact that some people are smarter or more likable than he is. Both Sheldon and Dwight struggle to understand what it means to be humble.

They Both Ignore Their Birthdays

When it comes to birthdays, Sheldon is not fond of celebrating his own because of his traumatic youth. As a twin, his mother would throw joint birthdays for the two and only his sister’s friends would show up. No one he invited came, leaving him alone and bullied by his sister’s friends.

Meanwhile, on The Office, Dwight doesn’t see the point in celebrating his birthday because, in his opinion, being born doesn’t deserve special treatment. Feeling like he doesn’t deserve a birthday celebration is one of the saddest things about Dwight. Both Sheldon and Dwight would rather not celebrate the day of their birth.

They’re Both Interested In Nerd Culture

With The Big Bang Theory focusing so much on science, friendship, and comics, it’s been praised for its representation of nerd culture, something that makes it a truly unique sitcom.

Like Sheldon and his friends, Dwight is also into comics, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, and the like. He’s also worn anime shirts and expressed interest in folklore. Dwight and Sheldon are also into computer games that represent alternate realities.

Both Are In Long-Term Relationships That Change Them

Sheldon and Dwight are both in quirky relationships that are judged by others. Dwight kept his relationship timeline with Angela under wraps because he didn’t want his coworkers involved in his business. The two had their ups and downs, but they eventually got married by season 9.

In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon and Amy’s relationship was awkward from the start, but the more his friends got to know Amy, the more they loved her. Amy soon became an important part of the friend group and she and Sheldon married towards the end of the series.

They Have No Boundaries When It Comes To Something They Want

Sheldon and Dwight create boundaries for themselves, but both have a tendency to completely ignore the boundaries of others.

 In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon acts like Leonard and Penny’s child, and constantly ignores their boundaries. He doesn’t care if he ruins their day or date night as long as he gets what he wants.

In The Office, Dwight has his own set of rules but constantly butts in on other people’s lives. He interferes with Jim’s phone calls, he’s too involved in Michael’s day-to-day, and he even sneaks into the women’s bathroom from time to time if he’s on a mission. If Dwight needs to do something for his own peace of mind, he’s doing it regardless of how it affects those around him.

They’re Both Ambitious

Fans of both series can’t deny that Sheldon Cooper and Dwight Schrute are ambitious. Most of their storylines revolve around their desire to move up at work or to progress their personal relationships.

Dwight worked hard at work every day because his dream was to become a regional manager. While Dwight wasn’t always a likable regional manager, there’s no denying he was good at his job. In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon’s main goal was to win a Nobel Prize. By the end of the series, Sheldon’s work paid off when achieved his dreams.

One Word: Naive

Both Sheldon and Dwight may be the smartest character in their shows, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have naive moments.

Dwight’s nonsensical points of view made him naive to the small things going on around him. It was easy for Michael, Jim, and Pam to prank Dwight or get things past him with a little manipulation or white lie. Likewise, Leonard, Howard, and Raj were able to get what they wanted with Sheldon around because he was so naive. Sheldon’s tendency to act like a child means naivety was part of his personality.

Physical Activity Is Not Their Strong Suit

Sheldon and Dwight are great at their jobs and happy in their relationships, but they are terrible at sports. In The Big Bang Theory, Penny tried stretching with Sheldon in one scene before going for a jog and this was enough for the poor scientist to injure himself. He also played basketball with Kripke, but he had no idea how to dribble a basketball.

In The Office, Dwight joined a pickup game of basketball and it was obvious he wasn’t the best one on the court. The only sport Dwight seemed confident with was paintball — a sport that Sheldon also succeeds in.

They’re Attached To Female Best Friends

As odd and quirky as Dwight and Sheldon were in their shows, they slowly became best friends with the women in their lives. While Pam was his enemy’s wife, Dwight couldn’t help but protect her and care for her as time went on.

In The Big Bang Theory, Penny became Sheldon’s best friend and closest confidant. Sheldon didn’t want to become friends with Penny at first but she soon became one of his best friends.

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